Marvel Studios Announces Disney+ Show That Will Explore MCU Infinity Saga's Most Memorable Scenes

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
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It was recently rumored that Marvel Studios would have a series similar to Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, in which the directors, writers, and producers discuss each episode of the series, but instead focused on WandaVision. This could have been another way to expand content related to the MCU on Disney+, considering that series was very successful for The Mandalorian.

During Disney’s Investor Day with Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios announced three news series: Ironheart starring Dominique Thorne, Secret Invasion starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, and Armor Wars starring Don Cheadle. However, it seems like that is not the end, as Marvel Studios has made a sudden announcement of a brand-new series for Disney+ that will launch far sooner than expected, even before WandaVision.


Marvel Studios has announced that a new series, Marvel Studios: Legends, will launch with its first two episodes on Disney+ on January 8. The show will explore the most iconic moments from the MCU, starting with Wanda and Vision before their own series, WandaVison, releases on the service on January 15.

Details about the retrospective series, like episode lengths and a total episode count, are still unknown at this time.



Interestingly, they are launching two episodes for its debut, likely each focusing on Wanda and Vision separately. Could this just be because of the debut of WandaVision a week later or because this will be the release model moving forward? It would make sense if each episode were only around 20 minutes, which would make each weekly release add up to at least a standard hour.

It could also mean more characters will be paired together, such as the episodes for Thor and Loki releasing side-by-side one week, and the next it could be Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Marvel Studios: Legends might be more than a simple clip show and include commentary from cast, writers, directors, or producers talking about these iconic moments and what went into making them.

Whatever the case may be for how this show will be released moving forward after its debut, it will be nice to have a series that will essentially be an elaborate highlight reel for the franchise. It will be curious if a similar series will be made for Star Wars.

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