Marvel's Hawkeye Rumor Points To The Walking Dead's Carlos Navarro Possibly Joining MCU

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Carlos Navarro Hawkeye

Hawkeye seemingly filled out its cast at the beginning of December , announcing the inclusion of Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, and Tony Dalton. Fans also learned recently that the new Disney+ show will also reach into other MCU franchises with the confirmation of Florence Pugh joining the series .

Obviously, not every actor in a movie or TV series will be included in the trade reports or press releases, so fans will occasionally find evidence of unannounced talent joining certain productions. One big example of this was Lizzie Hill of Murphy's Multiverse finding evidence that Solo actress Erin Kellyman would have a role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , which later proved true .

The same site that made that discovery is now pointing to another actor potentially having joined the cast of Hawkeye .


Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse has reported that he has received a tip from a fan that The Walking Dead actor Carlos Navarro is part of the cast of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye .

Upon further investigation, Murphy found evidence pointing to this being true, bringing attention to an Instagram post from Navarro from the beginning of December in New York. For reference, this was around the same time that Hawkeye began shooting in the bustling city .

Additionally, there is a credited stunt double by the name of Jared Losano listed for Carlos Navarro on IMDb for the Hawkeye series. Of course, as Murphy himself statesd, IMDb shouldn't be treated with much validity. However, when it comes to more minor roles like stunt performers, they can be taken with a little less grain of salt.


As Murphy pointed out, Navarro seems to fit the bill for a role The Direct reported in a casting grid several months ago . Specifically, DETECTIVE SHERMAN — described as a New York City detective with a recurring role in the series — was to be filled by a male actor of any ethnicity in their 40s.

Navarro certainly fits that description, although he could just as easily portray a member of the Tracksuit Mafia . Although, that would seem somewhat like wasted talent with such a minor part unless he ends up being one of the more recurring members of the criminal group.

No comment has been made by Marvel Studios, meaning unless Navarro is used in any marketing material for the Disney+ shows, fans will have to wait for Hawkeye to release in late 2021 to see if The Walking Dead actor has made the jump over to the MCU.

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