Marvel Casts Graham Greene In Hawkeye Spin-off Echo

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Graham Greene in Marvel's Echo

Starring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, Marvel Studios announced Echo for Disney's streaming service during 2021's Disney+ Day ahead of the character's debut in Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld's Hawkeye. In the comics, and now in MCU canon, Maya Lopez is a street-level Marvel character with a Native American heritage and ties to Kingpin. She also happens to be a deaf amputee.

In Hawkeye, Maya showcased her ability to mimic physical fighting styles; she was also last seen with a gun pointed at Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, followed by the sound of a gunshot. 

Whether she will appear in another MCU project ahead of her own, and what Marvel has planned for her solo story remains to be seen. However, who will be appearing alongside Maya in her upcoming series is just now coming to light.

Graham Greene Joins the Cast of Marvel's Echo

Graham Greene

The Direct is hearing that veteran actor Graham Greene, known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in 1990's Dances with Wolves as well as his roles in The Green Mile and Wind River, has joined the cast of Marvel Studios' upcoming Echo series for Disney+. 

Details on Greene's character are currently being kept under lock; Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to confirm his rumored role.

Who Will Maya Lopez Encounter in Disney+'s Echo?

Echo, Marvel Studios

Since Marvel Studios is known for taking liberties with comic book characters and their stories, it's difficult to say just who Greene is playing in Alaqua Cox's Echo.

However, it's worth noting that Greene is of indigenous heritage and has played a variety of Native American characters throughout his career, including the 69-year-old actor's role in Dances with Wolves.

Since Echo's cast is likely to be predominantly Native American, it's expected that the series intends to explore more of Maya's heritage following the events of the Hawkeye finale

In addition, a report about Echo's upcoming film shoot in Georgia claims that the show needed a "story about a small town." Since Maya is from New York City, it will be interesting to see her out of her element and how small-town life and experiences will further shape and develop her character. 

Regardless of just who Greene will play in the upcoming show and whether his character is part of this town, the involvement of an acclaimed, experienced actor is a huge win for both Marvel Studios and the Disney+ show in terms of quality and performance. 

Fans are likely to hear more about Echo's growing cast in the coming weeks as its production will be filming by April.

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