Marvel’s Echo Gains an Unsurprising New Lead Cast Member

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Last year, Marvel Studios debuted Hawkeye, a Christmas event series that saw Jeremy Renner's and Hailee Steinfeld's heroes embark on a journey to clean up their big Ronin mess before the holiday. But, as exciting as the introduction of Kate Bishop may have been, there was another character who took their first steps in the MCU: Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez, aka Echo.

She was initially introduced to the audiences as a villain making life hard for the Hawkeyes—rightfully so, seeing as Clint Barton murdered her father during the Blip. Before the end of the series, however, the status quo had changed.

Echo learned that her Uncle, none other than Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, was the one to order the hit against her own father. By the time the credits had rolled, it had looked like she shot him point-blank.

While he is still undoubtedly alive, fans won't have to wait too long before finding out, seeing as Alaqua Cox's character will be getting her own Disney+ series Echo, which has only just started its production.

Now, it seems the project has gained a new actor in a potential leading role.

Devery Jones Cast in Echo

Deadline reported that actress Devery Jones was cast in the upcoming Marvel Studios series Echo. Details of her role weren't confirmed, but the trade believes she will be playing one of the leads, potentially named Julie, who "is resilient and strong-willed."

Her casting was foreshadowed a few days ago thanks to an Instagram post from the show's star, Alaqua Cox.

Jacobs is known for her role in the FX Show Reservation Dogs, as well as American Gods and The Order.

Marvel's Echo Is Only Beginning

It's not surprising that Marvel Studios didn't share any further plot details with Deadline—it's what they do, after all. So what is Jones' part to play in the upcoming series? It's nearly impossible to even make an uneducated guess thanks to no larger story points being known, alongside Ala Cox's character being rather unknown in the first place.

If she's in a lead role, then it's safe to assume she's one of Maya Lopez's good friends. She could also be the main antagonist that the titular character goes up against. Echo could go to her for help after the events of Hawkeye, or have to find a way to survive the potential assassin sent after her, likely from her uncle, Kingpin.

Fans will have to wait until sometime next year when Echo is likely to premiere. With production having just started, the project has a good few months ahead of it to film. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, more information will start to come out about the series to help amp up the anticipation for Maya Lopez's solo story.

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