Marvel Reveals In-Universe Tribute to RDJ's Iron Man & ScarJo's Black Widow (Photo)

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Plenty of fans were bitter about Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff not having her own funeral at the end of Avengers: Endgame like Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, despite sacrificing herself for the sake of half the universe too. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has slowly but surely begun to rectify this perceived mistake by fans.

Not only did she get her own movie, Black Widow, but her death was also given far more focus in Disney+'s HawkeyeAdditionally, it was reported that the KGB assassin turned SHIELD agent turned superhero would be honored further in Ms. Marvel.

A recently released behind-the-scenes documentary for the show has revealed how exactly Black Widow will be honored.

Marvel Paying Tribute to Fallen Heroes

In A Fans' Guide to Ms. Marvel, a newly released documentary about the character on Disney+, new scenes from the series have been shown, most of them showing Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan and Matt Lintz's Bruno Carrelli enjoying their time at AvengerCon. One scene of them at the convention shows the two exploring an exhibit honoring Steve Rogers' Captain America.

Bruno Kamala AvengerCon Captain America

Behind-the-scenes footage also shows both Kamala and Bruno in their convention costumes with a glimpse of one exhibit, The Realm of Asgard, behind them.

Kamala Bruno Costumes AvengersCon BTS Ms. Marvel

But, the most interesting scene depicts a mural of Iron Man and Black Widow with a banner below them saying, "Thank you for your sacrifice."

It's curious that Black Widow is depicted using her design from Iron Man 2 with her long and wavy hair, while Tony Stark is drawn wearing not one specific suit, but seemingly a combination between Mark IV and Mark VI.

Black Widow Iron Man Mural Ms. Marvel

All around the artwork of the two fallen heroes are drawings, photos, and letters from fans, thanking them for their sacrifice.

Iron Man Black Widow Tributes Ms. Marvel

It's sweet to see Black Widow being memorialized after Iron Man seemed to be the only one being paid any respects in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The public seemingly now knows about Black Widow's sacrifice to save half the universe.

Iron Man and Black Widow Remembered, but Vision Forgotten?

While it's great to see Black Widow being given just as much credit as Iron Man for helping save half the universe with their sacrifice, it appears that another fallen Avenger is still missing: Vision. Despite the synthezoid being willing to die to prevent Thanos from getting the Mind Stone, which was ultimately a pointless sacrifice, Vision still doesn't seem to be honored in the public eye for it.

Could it be because, as Wanda presumed in a deleted scene from WandaVision, the public didn't believe Vision's death mattered since he wasn't "flesh and blood" and just a synthezoid?

"I'm sick of everyone acting like Tony Stark is the only person we lost. Like he's the only Avenger there ever was. Too bad, then, if you're Natasha, but at least she was flesh and blood, right? But where are the memorials for Vision? No moving tributes for the synthezoid?"

Or could it be that Vision's revival leaked to the public after his memories were restored and flew away from Westview? It's likely that, since Vision's sacrifice was rendered pointless by Thanos using the Time Stone, then the public doesn't consider him one of the heroes that helped save half the universe.

Fans will find out more when they see Ms. Marvel on Disney+ on June 8.

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