Loki Disney+: 'Unexpected' Sci-Fi Elements Teased by Showrunner

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Loki from Thor: Ragnarok

It was reported almost two weeks ago that Loki , along with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier , was planning on returning to production in August. However, unlike the latter of which fans have been able to see multiple on-set photos and even footage, much of Loki has been unseen.

However, many rumors have already come out since production was delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, such as Kang the Conquerer appearing in the series along with a child variant of Loki . But, show-runner Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron are implying that fans should look forward to the unexpected.


Director for Loki , Kate Herron ( Sex Education ), seems to have backed the opinion of Loki showrunner, Michael Waldron, on Instagram. Both are now teasing how the show will use the "sci-fi" genre in unexpected ways.

In his Instagram Story post, Waldron makes comments about the Loki page on Disney+ that "...I like the green nebula. It indicates that this is a science fiction ("sci-fi") show." He goes on to describe the genre (and Loki ) that when it comes to science-fiction, "Expect the unexpected..."


For starters, Herron doesn't add any additional comments to her own Instagram post, but the fact that she posted a screenshot of Waldron's comments indicates that she feels the same way.

Thus far, the only thing that fans know about the show is that it will be focusing on the Loki audiences saw escape with the Tesseract during The Avengers' botched heist in Endgame . In a later teaser trailer , it was revealed that the Time Variance Authority would be heavily involved in the series with Loki even being arrested by them.

Probably most prominent of all, Kevin Feige said that Loki would link directly with Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness . This is likely due to the fact that the entire show of Loki will be taking place in an alternate timeline.

So, Waldron's words are correct. With Loki , fans should really go in it expecting the unexpected.

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