Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ Shows Close to Filming Again

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Despite the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases worldwide, new guidelines and health protocols are being established for the film industry to resume production. Under the MCU umbrella, some projects are gearing up to return to filming as well, with significant updates unveiling recently for projects such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Last March, the Loki series was one of the unfortunate victims of the production delays. Aside from rumors and leaked set photos, not much is known about the overall outlook of the series since production was delayed during the early days of the show's filming. And now, a new report may have shed some light on when filming will resume for the much-anticipated Disney+ series. 


In a report, The Hollywood Reporter shared that their sources uncovered that Pinewood Atlanta Studios has "two feature films and multiple streaming shows beginning pre-production this month," two of which are the Loki and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney+ series. On top of that, it was also revealed by the outlet that the projects "aim to start filming as early as August."


While Loki is still a long away, the news of the series potentially returning to filming next month should be a welcome one. Due to the interconnected nature of the MCU, the consequent production delays might have altered the overall plan on the surface. However, Marvel Studios has been known to adapt on several occasions, and these delays might have given the creative team more time to tinker the in-universe storylines of the billion-dollar franchise.

Filming for Loki should not be an issue since it is set within the confines of the United States, which is a different case for the cross-border requirements of another Disney+ show: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. With filming set to resume next month, this also means that there will be a new wave of rumors and speculations that will make the rounds on social media, which presents an exciting time for fans sooner rather than later. 

Based on the trend of news this week, it seems that more projects are gearing up to return to filming as soon as possible. The numerous delays and concerns around the film industry are well-documented in the past months, and the chatter around the potential return of production for major products should serve as good news for those who are eager for new content.

Of course, it's clear that keeping the health of everyone involved should be the utmost priority. 

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