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Season 1 of Loki came to an abrupt ending on Disney+ when Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains was killed by Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, causing the Multiverse to crack open. While the six-episode arc spent a lot of time setting up the rules for the Multiverse and teasing where the MCU would go next, it was announced at the end of the final episode that Season 2 would definitely be happening.

Michael Waldron served as the head writer for Loki and was tasked with the same role for the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Both projects revolve heavily around the concept of the Multiverse, and Waldron recently revealed that the two would play off each other. After the mayhem that goes on in that movie, there's a good chance that it could turn around and connect back to Season 2 of Loki.

Marvel Studios brought on Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead as directors for Season 2, and they will be taking over the reins from Kate Herron, who directed Season 1. Waldron is returning as head writer, and even though production hasn't started on the upcoming installment yet, he is confident that it will be on the same level as Season 1.

Michael Waldron on Loki Season 2's Promise

Loki Season 2

In an interview with The Playlist, Loki head writer Michael Waldron talked about the transition from Season 1 of the show into Season 2, as well as how the new directors, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, will fit in.

Waldron was asked about the change in directors, and specifically, if he expected any major changes to come along with it. He was quick to praise Season 1 director Kate Herron, saying that "what they did was amazing" and that it "couldn't have looked more premium:"

"Well, I mean, look, what Kate did with Kasra Farahani our production designer, Christine Wada, our costume designer, and the whole crew and establishing the look of the show, I mean, what can you say other than it’s just like, it is utterly spectacular. It doesn’t look like TV. It couldn’t have looked more premium. So what they did was amazing."

Waldron then transitioned to talking about his excitement for Benson and Moorhead to be taking on the directing roles in Season 2. Loki won't be the duo's first project within the MCU that they have worked on, as they are credited as directors on two episodes of the Moon Knight series on Disney+.

The head writer said that he expects them to "elevate" the show and that they have the potential to "make something even better" than Season 1:

"Benson and Morehead, I know those guys. They’re great. They’re brilliant in their own right. You know, I think they’re going to come in and they’re going to do what everybody on this project does, which is to elevate, you know? Then they’ll take what was great about it and fit it with their own awesome instincts and everything and hopefully will make something even better."

Waldron was then asked if Season 2 would be six episodes in length, the same as Season 1. Choosing his words carefully, the writer did leave open the possibility that it could be longer by simply saying "time will tell."

Character Studies in Loki Season 2

Tom Hiddleston has been a part of the MCU since Thor in 2011. His character has already been deeply explored, but Loki found a way to dive even deeper and go as far as to show a different side of him that hadn't been on display before. However, aside from Loki, every other character within the series was completely new to the franchise. 

Sophia Di Martino made her MCU debut as a Variant of the Loki that fans are familiar with, but she was her own character with her own agenda. Owen Wilson's Mobius was also someone that got a significant amount of screen time and character exploration.

There are other faces that were introduced in Season 1 of Loki, but as a whole, the show focused mainly on the concept of the Multiverse, the TVA, and the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. Season 2 could really get inside the characters' minds and especially explore the connections that they all have with one another.

As Waldron said, only "time will tell" when it comes to Season 2 of Loki. There are an infinite number of possibilities for the direction the show could go, but it seems as though the writer believes it is in good hands with Benson and Moorhead coming onboard.

All six episodes of Loki are available to stream on Disney+.

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