Captain Marvel Has Net Profit That Ain't Broke

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
CAPTAIN MARVEL nets bigger box office profit than FAR FROM HOME and THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

Spider-Man isn't the only solo hero to make a big impact at the 2019 box office and walk away with a massive profit. Having reportedly made back its entire budget within the first week of release, Captain Marvel defied online expectations by nt only breaking nearly half a billion in its opening weekend, but finishing its run with over $1.1B in the bucket with a production budget of $175M.

The repeat claims from the minority of the internet saying that Captain Marvel lost money are now shown to definitely be untrue, as this movie went woke and, most certainly, didn't go broke.


In Deadline's Most Valuable Blockbuster of 2019 Tournament , the outlet declared Captain Marvel as the fifth most profitable movie of the year. Beating out both Spider-Man: Far From Home and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by a wide margin. After making various deductions from the budget, advertising, and theaters, while adding revenues from VOD, DVD and TV, the profit for Captain Marvel comes to a net profit of $414 million.

The return on investment (ROI) for this movie was 1.92 , which meant that Disney made very nearly twice back on what they spent to make and advertise the MCU's first female solo film.


To put this number in even more perspective, Avengers: Infinity War made a net profit of half a billion with a ROI of 1.65. So, there is no longer any kind of argument that can possibly be made that Captain Marvel wasn't a profit for Disney - its hard to think that the company could not be more satisfied with how the movie performed.

However, the new argument that some detractors may state is how Captain Marvel was only so profitable because of its connection to Avengers: Endgame, and that without this connection, it would have failed. While it is true and undeniable the movie made as much as it did because of this connection, it's unfounded to say that it would have failed without it. If this was the case, the film's box office run  and weekend drops, as well as its VOD, DVD, and TV sales, would have indicated this.

Not only did Captain Marvel make equally, if not more, from those residuals than Spider-Man: Far From Home , but the box office run for Captain Marvel was one of the best in the franchise. When speaking about the run of a movie, it is when one divides the total domestic gross of a movie by its opening, which comes out to what is commonly called a multiplier. So, on average, the MCU has a multiplier of 2.74 for their collective movies, of which Captain Marvel beat with a multiplier of 2.78.

Cearly, audiences liked the movie enough to see it at above average rates and buy and rent it after it had left theaters, which will only help Disney push Captain Marvel into the forefront of the MCU , as Kevin Feige has said they would.

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