Marvel Just Gave Mary Jane Watson Superpowers (Photos)

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Marvel Comics doesn't always align with what will happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it certainly loves riding its coattails. A new example of potential synergy from the comics is Mary-Jane Watson having powers.

Years ago, it was reported that Sony Pictures was developing a film based on the character Jackpot. While Jackpot wasn't MJ in the comics, readers and Spider-Man briefly thought she was due to the red hair, alias, and the use of "tiger" in her vernacular.

As for MJ in the MCU, it was mentioned by Tom Holland in an interview that Sony had been "trying for a while" to give Zendaya's character powers. It thankfully didn't happen both to the relief of fans and the actress, who said she's "actually really happy with MJ" as she is.

But, in the recent comics, MJ now has powers, which could (and likely does) mean nothing, but who knows what could be adapted from the comics in the next ten years.

MJ Hits the Superpower Jackpot

Mary Jane & Black Cat, Comic Cover, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

"Mary-Jane and Black Cat" (2022) #1, written by Jed MacKay and art by Vincenzo Carratù, has revealed that MJ suddenly has superpowers. In Black Cat's attempt to save MJ from the latest comic event catastrophe, she witnesses MJ defending her new family with these powers.

Mary Jane and Black Cat, MJ, Powers, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

As expected, this issue doesn't explain where she got these new powers, but MJ thankfully explains how they work to Felicia Hardy and readers. MJ gets to "take a spin" and "pull" for a new set of powers, but coming with the slot machine theme is that the powers she gets are entirely based on luck.

Mary Jane and Black Cat, MJ Powers, Pudding, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

So, while the origin of her powers isn't shown in the issue, the cover from artist J. Scott Campbell seems to spoil it. On it, MJ is seen with a techno wristwatch displaying a slot machine hologram, which is likely where her powers come from.

MJ, Powers, Slot machine, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

As for this potentially happening to MJ in the MCU? It's doubtful, but Sony has greenlit sillier things in this franchise.

Would Sony Pictures Dare? (Probably)

As mentioned, it was revealed by current Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski that the comics are "10 years ahead" of what general audiences see on the big screen. Not everything, of course, but it tracks with the appearance of newer characters like Kamala Kahn in Ms. Marvel, who initially debuted in 2012.

However, would Sony Pictures consider giving MJ superpowers in the next ten years? Holland did mention how they tried unsuccessfully pushing that in the MCU, so it's not impossible.

It certainly wouldn't be the first questionable decision Sony has made or tried to make with the franchise. After all, fans are about to get movies based on characters like El Muerto and Hypno-Hustler.

But fans can get the chance to see one superpowered Variant of MJ when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is released in theaters on June 2, 2023.

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