Every Spider-Man Spotted In New Spider-Verse 2 Trailer (Full List)

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Fans were excited to see the newest trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which seems to pit Miles Morales against every other Spider-Man Variant in the Multiverse.

There have already been multiple new additions to the cast of characters for this sequel, such as Oscar Isaac's Miguel O'Hara. However, a slew of Spider-People has been introduced in the latest trailer in potentially the double-digits.

Thankfully, The Direct is more than glad to help point (most) of them out, even those not in the trailer, as Across the Spider-Verse prepares for its June 2023 release.

Every Variant in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (So Far)

1.) Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

Miles Morales
Sony Pictures

Shameik Moore returns to voice Miles Morales, who's now cemented himself in his reality as Spider-Man. However, he gets an unexpected visit from Gwen Stacy, who introduces him to a conglomerate of alternate Spiders from across the Multiverse.

But, it appears that Morales does something that causes all of them to see him as the enemy. So, in this animated sequel, he seems to be a Spider-Man on the run.

2.) Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen)

Gwen Stacy
Sony Pictures

Gwen Stacy, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld, returns to surprise Morales in his room through an interdimensional portal. She helps introduce Morales to a whole new world.

However, once Morales is made the enemy, she questions the group's intentions, "We're supposed to be the good guys," to which O'Hara rebukes, "We are."

3.) Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Spider-Man 2099
Sony Pictures

Voiced by Oscar Isaac, fans last saw Miguel O'Hara in the comical post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, determined to assemble an army of Spiders for a mission. But, like the comics, O'Hara doesn't have a sense of humor.

The newest trailer shows this with a hardened Spider-Man on a mission, which Morales apparently compromises to the anger of O'Hara. As Morales escapes into the Multiverse, O'Hara pursues him with furious intent.

4.) Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)

Sony Pictures

One of the bigger surprises for fans was the confirmation of Jessica Drew, voiced by Issa Rae, joining the cast. Seemingly a blend of a pregnant Jessica Drew from the comics and Valerie the Librarian (technically the first Spider-Woman) with organic webbing like Cindy Moon's Silk.

She's seen making a dramatic entrance through a portal on a motorcycle as she fights a Variant of the Vulture. Drew also seems to be working closely with O'Hara, if one shot from the trailer is a clue.

5.) Peter B. Parker (Spider-Man)

Peter B. Parker
Sony Pictures

Fan-favorite Peter B. Parker returns, voiced by Jake Johnson, but he's now a father in this animated sequel. Reintroduced in a pink bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, he seems to be watching over his daughter for the day or giving her a chance to meet others like her.

As for his attire, whether he was called in all of a sudden or just not bothered, it's possible that he might not be as involved in this adventure. After all, a baby with radioactive blood should be enough of a distraction for anyone, even Spider-Man.

6.) Mayday Parker

Mayday Parker
Marvel Comics

One of the most popular Spiders among comic fans is Mayday Parker. After her father, Peter Parker, was gravely injured in a fight with the Green Goblin, he retired as Spider-Man and Mayday continued in his stead. 

Debuting as Spider-Girl in "What If...?" #105, she went on to have a comic run that lasted eight years, not to mention recurring appearances in the comics to this day. However, for now, the Into the Spider-Verse sequel has Mayday stuck as a baby, so her father shouldn't be in too much danger—yet.

7.) Hobart Brown (Spider-Punk)

Marvel Comics

Hobart Brown made his first appearance as Spider-Punk in "Spider-Verse" #2, in which he helped lead a rebellion against President Osborn's regime, which Symbiotes controlled. But, one strum of his loud guitar was able to turn the tide in the rebellion's favor.

Merchandise has shown that Spider-Punk matches his comic counterpart rather closely, minus the UK-inspired underoos. Confirmed to be voiced by Daniel Kaluuya, it appears that Spider-Punk will be one of the supporting characters in the film.

8.) Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider)

Ben Reilly
Marvel Comics

To properly explain Ben Reilly's turbulent backstory would take a dozen story arcs and hundreds of comics, so to simplify it - he is a clone of Peter Parker. Once that was finally clarified for everyone, Reilly decided to make his own identity: Scarlet Spider.

Another fan favorite in the comics that no one expected to appear, he was spotted on a tie-in board game for the animated sequel. So, he might also be among the newest supporting cast, which should make Ben Reilly fans happy.

9.) Cyborg Spider-Woman

Cyborg Spider-Man

The most mysterious addition is one Variant known only as "Cyborg Spider-Woman," who has appeared as a toy and in promotional art on some merchandise. However, considering her coupling with the rest of the more prominent Spiders, it points to her being part of the supporting cast.

She appears to be based on the Cyborg Spider-Man tie-in toy for Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which, as typical with these kinds of tie-ins, did not actually appear in the show proper.

10.) Pavitr Prabhakar (Spider-Man India)

Spider-Man India
Marvel Comics

Many fans had speculated that his universe was glimpsed in the first trailer for Across the Spider-Verse. But it's been confirmed that Prabhakar, who debuted in "Spider-Man: India" #1, will appear in the animated sequel with a new design.

Compared to his costume in the comics, it's a massive glow-up for the character. Considering the original is basically the standard Spider-Man costume with minimal Indian aesthetics added to it.

It's unknown how big his role in the sequel will be, but considering concept art for the Spider was prominently shown before the newest trailer debut, it's likely to be more than a cameo.

11.) Peter Parker (Marvel's Spider-Man)


Insomniac's Spider-Man costume is already a famous Easter egg from the original film. So, it's no surprise for the sequel that the filmmakers took the next step and added the video game iteration himself as a cameo.

Although, it's unknown exactly which Spider-Man he's having a conversation with since it's clearly not the Morales from his world.

12.) Mary Jane and Annie Parker (Spinneret and Nestling)

MJ, Nestling
Marvel Comics

An unexpected cameo for niche-comic fans was the appearance of Mary-Jane Parker and her daughter, Anna-May "Annie" Parker. This is another example of a Peter Parker who's happily married, unlike the mainline comics.

Both made their first comic appearance in "Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" #1 as the wife and daughter of Peter Parker. With a suit that imbues MJ with her husband's powers and Annie inheriting them from her father, they help Spider-Man fight crime as Spinneret and Spiderling.

13.) Peter Parker (Spider-Man Unlimited)

Marvel Comics

One of many Spiders who attempted to capture Morales in his escape, this Peter Parker made his first appearance in the pilot episode of Spider-Man Unlimited. Sporting a cool-looking suit made of nano-machines, he wound up stuck on Counter-Earth, facing off against the High Evolutionary.

Unfortunately, the show was canceled after one season, leaving Peter Parker stuck on another planet. So, it's nice to think that he was able to eventually defeat the High Evolutionary and escape before being recruited into O'Hara's Spider-Army.

14.) Peter Parker (Mangaverse Spider-Man)

Marvel Comics

This small-lookin' guy is, well, Spider-Man, but he's most commonly known as Mangaverse Spider-Man. As the name would imply, his universe is inspired by Japanese Manga as interpreted through the lens of American writers and artists.

15.) Maybelle Reilly (Lady Spider)

Lady Spider
Marvel Comics

Another incredibly cool cameo gives fans one Maybelle Reilly, also known as Lady Spider. Debuting in "Spider-Verse" #1, this is an Aunt May from 1895's New York who decided to build mechanical spider arms and Web-Shooters to fight crime.

Her appearance is especially cool since most Spider-Variants of Aunt May in the comics are gag characters, like Spider-Ma'am.

16.) Flash Thompson (Captain Spider)

Flash Thompson
Marvel Comics

It would be an almost unrecognizable cameo if it weren't for the exposed chin and hair. While the design is a bit different, sporting a high school jacket, this is undoubtedly Flash Thompson, known in his world as Captain Spider.

He debuted in"What If...?" #7, where Peter Parker's high school bully was bitten by the fateful spider instead. Thompson decided to use his new powers to wrestle Crusher Hogan for prize money, but instead of beating him like Parker, he accidentally killed him.

To redeem himself (and not get arrested by the police), Thompson donned a costume and fought crime as Captain Spider.

17.) Spider-Man (Bombastic Bag-Man)

Spider-Man bagged
Marvel Studios

In "The Amazing Spider-Man" #258, after Reed Richard helped Peter Parker separate the Symbiote from himself, he was left in his briefs and his identity exposed. Fortunately, with some quick thinking from Johnny Storm, he was able to help cobble a costume together.

Comprised of nothing but a spare Fantastic Four costume, no shoes, and a loose brown paper bag as a mask, he became Bombastic Bag-Man! Albeit only briefly before getting into a proper costume and dying of embarrassment.

However, it appears that the costume in the film was altered as this Parker is wearing his typical Spider-Man costume, only missing his foot coverings and mask. Possibly a legal issue with Sony being unable to use the Fantastic Four costume.

18.) PlayStation Spider-Man


The most bizarre cameo in the trailer is what many believe to be Spider-Man from Neversoft's Spider-Man on the original PlayStation from 2000. It's difficult to tell with a still, but in motion, the janky running animation and framerate seem to purposefully mimic the classic video game counterpart.

However, upon closer examination of the model, it appears to be a woman, a similar change done with another Spider on this list.

19.) Spider-Armor MK I

Spider-Armor MK I
Marvel Comics

One Spider-Woman can be seen tackling Morales wearing Peter Parker's first iteration of bullet-proof armor. Used for only one issue, "Web of Spider-Man" #100, Peter is confronted by the New Enforcers and has to create a new suit to endure their might.

It works for the most part but is quickly destroyed, never appearing in the mainline comics again. However, that hasn't stopped video game adaptations from including it as an extra costume for the player for decades.

20.) Spider-Armor MK II

Marvel Comics

Seen relaxing on a ledge is a Spider wearing what can only be the Spider-Armor MK II. Similar to its previous iteration, the suit was created to be bulletproof.

At one point in the comics, Spider-Man actually lost his Spider-Sense for a time. It caused him not only to mess up his web-slinging but also stopped him from dodging hits, which included bullets.

Forced into a corner when faced with a deranged villain with ammo and hostages to spare in "Amazing Spider-Man" #656, he builds a new bulletproof costume. Parker uses it to shield hostages from gunfire and stop the criminal once and for all.

21.) Spider-Armor MK III

Spider-Armor MK III
Marvel Comics

Another Spider is seen tackling Morales wearing what seems to be the Spider-Armor MK III. An even more durable variation of the armor that Parker first wore in "Amazing Spider-Man" #682 as a last resort against the Sinister Six.

Although it was later destroyed, Parker rebuilt it and stored it for future use.

22.) Takuya Yamashiro (Japanese Spider-Man)

Takuya Yamashiro, Japanese Spider-Man
Toei Company

Producer Phil Lord confirmed that the emissary of hell, Japanese Spider-Man, will appear in the sequel. This incarnation has become another fan favorite, originating from a Spider-Man-licensed Japanese show from the 70s.

While he was only loosely based on the character, it doesn't matter to fans. It especially helps that he comes with a giant mecha, Leopardon, which will hopefully accompany him in Across the Spider-Verse

23.) Spider-Monkey

Marvel Comics

We appear to be scraping the bottom of the monkey barrel. Spider-Monkey is seen in the far-off background for a handful of frames, likely taking cues from Spider-Monkey of Marvel Apes. He's an anthropomorphic monkey from a world of anthropomorphic animals that a radioactive spider bit.

24.) Werewolf Spider-Man

Werewolf Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

If both Captain Americas can become werewolves, why not Spider-Man too? In fact, why not have everyone get in on the fun? In "Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle" #1, everyone on Earth is turned into werewolves, including Peter Parker.

25.) Spider-Cop

Marvel Comics

What began as a simple running gag in Marvel's Spider-Man during a morally questionable side quest spiraled into the entertaining or problematic Spider-Cop. Seen in the trailer directing traffic as thousands of Spiders walk and swing by, looking more like a Mall Cop than a Spider-Cop.

And That Was Only The Second Trailer

To be clear, there are probably more that are missing from this list and some that were excluded for not being close enough to the original designs. For example, that wasn't Peter Parker from Spider-Man: Far From Home; the color scheme matched, but the design was all wrong.

Regardless, there are bound to be many more cameos in the sequel, especially with Morales on the run through the Multiverse and stopping a supervillain that can freely travel through it. Another list like this after its release could even reach the hundreds.

Fans will be able to see all these different Spider-People when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is released in theaters on June 2, 2023.

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June 02, 2023
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