Donald Glover's New Marvel Casting Makes Spider-Man History

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Donald Glover, Spider-Man

Sony's Spider-Man Universe has introduced surprising spin-off movies, such as Bad Bunny's El Muerto and Sydney Sweeney's Madame Web, and it seems that another unexpected film has joined the list under the Sony Pictures banner.  

Aside from the two aforementioned movies, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to portray Kraven the Hunter on the big screen, while Morbius' post-credits scene might've also set up a sinister team-up against Spider-Man (as to which version, no one knows). 

While fans are still confused about Sony's endgame regarding its Marvel universe, the studio appears to be not daunted with that idea as more films have received the green light. 

Donald Glover Set To Produce Spider-Man Spin-Off

As per The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta) is attached to star and produce a feature about one of Spider-Man's villains, Hypno-Hustler. 


This news means that Glover has become the first actor to be cast as two separate major live-action characters in the Spider-Man franchise, considering that he also appeared in a brief role in Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming, as Aaron Davis, aka Miles Morales' uncle (as confirmed by a deleted scene).

In addition, Glover also voiced Spider-Man/Miles Morales in the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man in 2015.

The movie, which is reportedly set in Sony Pictures' Spider-Man universe of Marvel Comics characters, will revolve around the titular villain who used hypnosis technology in his instruments on his audience to rob them. 

Created by Rocket Racoon creator Bill Mantlo and artist Frank Springer, Hypno-Hustler is a leader of a band called the Mercy Killers and is described as a product of the disco music scene. 

Myles Murphy, son of comedian Eddie Murphy, has been tapped as the movie's writer. 

THR's sources also mentioned that Glover was interested in the villain's musical aspect. In addition, given that the character has less "Marvel canon baggage," the outlet pointed out that it frees the actor to "greater interpretations," meaning that it could be anything from a disco period piece to a re-imagined modern hip-hop version. 

What Happens to Donald Glover's MCU Role Now?

This historic move from Sony could dampen the hopes of seeing Donald Glover return to the MCU as Aaron Davis. Still, given that his role as Miles Morales' uncle was confirmed through a deleted scene, it offers an opportunity for Marvel Studios to recast the character if needed. 

While this is unfortunate, Glover's producing credit in the Hypno-Hustler movie from Sony suggests that he is passionate about this project, indicating that he will likely choose it over his MCU commitment. 

It is unknown if the planned Hypno-Hustler movie will be connected to the larger universe where Venom and Morbius reside. Based on the report, this could be less likely as Glover leans toward "greater interpretations" outside of Marvel canon baggage.

That said, Glover's freedom combined with Myles Murphy's take allows Hypno-Hustler to stand out and possibly be one of the saving graces of Sony's Marvel universe. 

Unfortunately, Spider-Man's presence in all of those movies, Hypno-Hustler included, remains to be seen. 

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