Captain Marvel 2: Monica Rambeau’s Superhero Future Teased With New Announcement

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Monica Rambeau has gone by multiple superhero aliases in the comics, her first being Captain Marvel, even before Carol Danvers. However, she would later get a new superhero alias, Photon, and another after that, Spectrum, but fans may finally know what name she'll use in The Marvels.

Due to the emblem used in The Marvels logo, many fans had assumed that she would be going by Spectrum, her current alias in the comics. But, a new announcement from Marvel and another potential example of synergy have implied that she might go by the name Photon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Monica Rambeau Returns to an Old Superhero Alias

Monica Rambeau

In another likely attempt at synergy by Marvel, Monica Rambeau will finally have her own solo comic series just in time for The Marvels. A five-issue limited series, "Monica Rambeau: Photon," will be written by award-winning author Eve L. Ewing, whose previous works at Marvel include "Ironheart" and "Champions," and drawn by Marvel's newest artistic talent, Michael Sta. Maria.

Monica Rambeau Photon Comic Cover

Despite once leading the Avengers and being the first to inherit the Captain Marvel name, she never had a solo series. Rambeau has, of course, still had a persistent presence in the comics, being a part of multiple teams over the years, like Nextwave, Mighty Avengers, and Ultimates.

So, it's telling that the year before The Marvels releases in theaters, Marvel finally decides to give her a solo comic for the first time and use the old name too. Aside from Captain Marvel, Rambeau's second most commonly used superhero alias was Spectrum, not Photon, which she only used for a short while.

Considering that Photon was her mother's callsign as a pilot in the MCU and her new solo comic has her returning to the name again, it seems like it'll be her superhero name when she reappears in the Captain Marvel sequel.

Photon Smashing Her Way Into MCU

Aside from the obvious connection to Photon being Maria Rambeau's former pilot callsign, in Ms. Marvel, it was re-established that Carol's energy blasts were explicitly called "Photon Blasts" like the comics. Bruno even tried to replicate them with custom glowing gloves for Kamala's Captain Marvel cosplay.

So, it could be possible that when Kamala finally meets Monica, she will misinterpret the origin of her superhero name, Photon, as deriving from an aspect of Carol, which would further showcase Monica's obvious disinterest in Captain Marvel. After all, in Ms. Marvel, the origin of her own superhero name was changed from the comics to be more closely linked to Kamala's family and not Carol.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how these three characters will bounce off one another, especially Carol and Monica after (presumably) not seeing one another for decades. Perhaps Carol will have a strong reaction to Monica taking up the callsign of Maria.

Fans will find out how everyone in-universe will react to Monica's superhero name when The Marvels is released in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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