Captain Marvel 2: Did Monica Rambeau’s Superhero Name Just Get Revealed?

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Sometimes synergy in Marvel Comics with the MCU can indicate what Marvel Studios might intend to do with some characters. One example was Monica Rambeau's superhero name suddenly changing back to Photon in the comics.

This is a change that was obviously made in anticipation of Monica having that alias in The Marvels as opposed to Spectrum. It certainly makes sense with Photon having been Maria Rambeau's callsign as a pilot, so Monica using it to honor her mother would make sense.

However, not everyone got the message, with a new children's book giving Monica a different superhero alias.

Monica Rambeau's Other Superhero Name

A new addition to Marvel's licensed Little Golden Books series stars Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau fighting together as a team called Meet The Marvels features an interesting super-powered tidbit.

Captain Marvel Meet the Marvels Childrens book

In another obvious example of synergy at work to help promote the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, the children's book introduces them to younger readers as "The Marvels," the title of the imminent MCU blockbuster:

"Readers will love this exciting new Marvel Little Golden Book about teamwork starring Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau—also known as The Marvels!"

However, what most fans found curious is that Rambeau is once again referred to as "Spectrum," not Photon, as she has begun to go by recently again in the comics:

"Super Heroes Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Spectrum join forces in this all-new Marvel Little Golden Book!"

It isn't just an error with the online description, as Monica is called Spectrum in the book too.

Captain Marvel Meet the Marvels Childrens book

So, the question is, will Monica go by Photon or Spectrum in the MCU?

Which Alias Will  Monica Choose?

The most likely explanation here is that Meet the Marvels was finished before it was decided Monica would go by Photon in the upcoming blockbuster.

Since Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is technically in charge of the comics, there should now be better communication between his studio and the comic book outlet.

Although, it could always be Marvel Comics' all too common attempts to ride the coattails of Marvel Studios. But, it's an easy assumption to make, again, with the old pilot callsign of Monica's mother being Photon.

Fans will find out which name she picks when The Marvels is released in theaters on July 28.

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