Marvel Officially Makes Mary Jane Watson Her Own Superhero (Photo)

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Mary Jane Spider-Man

Marvel Comics has revealed a new superhero suit for Mary Jane Watson's new super-powered persona. 

MJ (Peter Parker's primary love interest for much of his run as Spider-Man) has been no stranger to getting in on the action from time to time throughout her nearly 80-year Marvel history. 

In the past, she's donned various versions of Peter's Spidey costumes (like she did in 2016's Amazing Spider-Man #15 using Pete's Spider-Armor) or even sported a few superpowers of her own (like briefly taking on some of Hyro-Man's powers in the 1990's staple, Spider-Man: The Animated Series). 

But most recently in comics lore, Mary Jane has been teased to have been taking on a new Marvel Comics persona, with hints of her new powers dating back to 2021's Timeless 2022 crossover. 

Mary Jane's New Marvel Comics Costume

After more than a year of hints, Mary Jane Watson will finally debut as her superhero persona Jackpot in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Issue 31. 

A first look at MJ in the Jackpot costume was posted by the official Spider-Man Twitter account, teasing, "Mary Jane wins big in 'Amazing Spider-Man' #31!"

Jackpot MJ
Marvel Comics

Hints to Mary Jane's luck-based powers had been showing up throughout several Marvel Comics issues since 2021, with her most recent appearance alongside Felicia Hardy/Black Cat it was confirmed she would take on the Jackpot persona. 

This version of Mary Jane was revealed to have been hiding these powers during the Mary Jane & Black Cat mini-series in 2022 but has yet to interact with Spidey-proper.

MJ 2
Marvel Comics

In recent months, big things for MJ had been teased on the comics page, with some believing Marvel was leading up to the death of the character in this current continuity, but those worries looked to have been for naught. 

Who is Jackpot in Spider-Man Lore?

For longtime comics readers, Jackpot is a name that will sound familiar, but one that has not been attached to Mary Jane Watson before.

Back in 2008, Jackpot debuted as a new luck-based hero in the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man series.

While the character's mysterious identity and general similarities to Mary Jane were part of her character, it was eventually revealed she was not MJ and was, in fact, Alana Jobson, a New Yorker who had used a mix of steroids and Mutant Growth Hormone to steal the powers of reluctant superhero Sara Ehret. 

Now, after more than 15 years in the shadows, Jackpot is back, albeit this time she is actually Mary Jane. 

MJ has been a part of the recent Spidey comics (with a recent rumor that she would die on the page). However, it will be interesting to see what her becoming a full-blown superhero does to the Peter Parker-MJ dynamic. 

Will she be an adversary of the iconic wall-crawler? Or is she about to become the web-heads newest trusty sidekick on the streets of New York? Fans will have to wait to find out. 

The Amazing Spider-Man #31 is set to release on August 9. 

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