Spider-Man: Sony Finds Director for Next Marvel Spin-off Movie

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Although Morbius didn't live up to expectations, Sony's Marvel universe is still in the age of expansion as it adds more movies to its slate. Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney are set to headline Madame Web while the studio has already moved forward with a third Venom movie starring Tom Hardy

Another movie that is included in the studio's superhero slate is El Muerto. The upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film will explore the story of the titular anti-hero who gains powers by wearing a mask to become a super-powered wrestler.

Bad Bunny, the new solo movie's lead actor, teased that El Muerto "will be epic" and is excited to see how much the fans enjoy what he's working on. 

Now, an important update about this mysterious new outing has been revealed.

Sony's El Muerto Finds its Director

The Wrap shared that Jonás Cuarón will direct Sony Pictures' El Muerto, a film that is set in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. Blue Beetle writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is also writing the script. 

Jonás is the son of veteran Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who is known for directing films, such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men

The movie is headlined by Grammy Award-winner and hit recording artist Bad Bunny a.k.a. Benito A Martinez Ocasio. El Muerto is set to make history as the first Latino character to lead a Marvel film. 

Cuarón is credited as the writer of 2013's Gravity and his directing credits include Desierto and Year of the Nail

How El Muerto Fits in Sony's Marvel Universe?

While El Muerto's inclusion in Sony's slate is surprising to some fans, there must be a reason why the Bad Bunny-led movie is part of the studio's Marvel plan. 

It's possible that Sony wants more representation in their expansion, and developing a movie centered around El Muerto would be the way to go. Moreover, adding Mexican filmmaker Jonás Cuarón and writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is the next big step after landing Bad Bunny in the lead role. 

It's reasonable to assume that El Muerto is set in the same world where Venom and Morbius reside, meaning that there's a chance that one of them appears in the Spider-Man spin-off to build more interest for the movie. 

Given that Sony is presumably leading toward a Sinister Six team-up down the line, El Muerto could also be recruited to join forces with the likes of Adrian Toomes' Vulture and Eddie Brock's Venom. 

Whatever the case, El Muerto is poised to become a big part of Sony's Marvel universe.

El Muerto is set to release in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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