Bad Bunny's Marvel Movie Gets New Start Date (Report)

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El Muerto Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny's El Muerto has a new start date for filming after likely being pushed because of the ongoing writers' strike in Hollywood. 

The upcoming Sony's Spider-Man Universe blockbuster is set to center on the little-known Spidey villain, played by the beloved Latin music star. 

Despite teases from its star that El Muerto will be "epic," the project has supposedly drawn to a halt in development.

The movie was originally announced to release on January 12, 2024, but that looks to be in question with the title reportedly "at a standstill."

An El Muerto Filming Update

El Muerto, Spider-Man, Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny's Marvel film, El Muerto, received a filming update thanks to a post on the Film & Television Industry Alliance (FTIA) website.

A production list on the FTIA database lists a new start date for the Spider-Man spin-off film, with cameras set to roll starting on August 7 in Los Angeles. 

This new kick-off to production is likely due to the Writers Guild of America strike that is currently affecting titles across the entertainment industry. 

Multiple reports have said that the super-powered blockbuster is "very unlikely to make [its January 2024 release] date," and this feels like another indication the film could be pushed. 

Seeing as another wall-crawling spin-off from Sony, Madame Web, is set to hit theaters in February of next year, a delay may make the most sense for Sony Pictures' El Muerto

When Will El Muerto Release?

While a release date delay has not been officially announced for El Muerto, a production start date of August 7 makes the film's January 12 slot nearly impossible. 

That means a push down the calendar seems almost guaranteed. 

Looking at Sony's 2024, one can start to get an idea when Bad Bunny's oft-memed Spidey spin-off will grapple its way into theaters. 

Right now, the first quarter of 2024 is rather jam-packed with Spider-Man projects with both Madame Web and Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse set to release before the end of Q1. 

After that though, the field is fairly wide open. Beyond the long-rumored Olivia Wilde-directed Jessica Drew project, Venom 3, and the recently revealed live-action Miles Morales movie, El Muerto doesn't have anything on the Sony Spider-Man Universe front to look out for. 

Madame Web wrapped filming back in January, almost exactly one year before its theatrical release. That means if El Muerto were to follow suit it would debut sometime in either August or September of 2024 if/when a delay were to happen. 

The only project in that vicinity for Sony is Venom 3, which is to release in October 2024. So, to give El Muerto its time to breathe, the studio may opt for a release date in early August for that new project. 

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