Spider-Man's El Muerto Actor Teases 'Epic' Spin-off Movie

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Spider-Man, El Muerto

Sony Pictures continues to expand its Spider-Man Universe after the company teamed up with Marvel Studios to break the internet and the box office with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The franchise will continue in the immediate future with Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter, and recently, the team just announced its first-ever Latino superhero in the upcoming El Muerto movie.

This obscure character has only had about a dozen appearances in Marvel comics over the years, and he's best known for bringing the world of wrestling into Marvel Comics' Spider-Man stories. With just over a year and a half until the film releases, there is still plenty of work to do in terms of developing the story and the action, but it's clear that Sony isn't afraid to bring new characters into its movies that fans have never seen before.

At the head of this movie is Grammy-winning rapper Bad Bunny, who will make the third acting appearance of his career after becoming one of the biggest names in the Latin music community. Recently, the musician shared his first thoughts on his next endeavor with Sony as he takes on what will be the biggest role of his career to date.

Bad Bunny on Sony's El Muerto Movie

Spider-Man, El Muerto

In an interview with Apple Music, Bad Bunny spoke for the first time about his excitement about playing the new Sony hero El Muerto in his own Spider-Man spin-off movie.

The rapper shared how proud he is of the work he's put in to get to this point, especially with the opportunity to play the first Latino superhero in a leading role. He called the upcoming movie something that "will be epic" and is excited to see how much the fans enjoy what he's working on:

"It’s crazy. Sometimes, I can’t believe it yet, but it’s the result of my work. The way I am, the way I work, I’m so proud, very happy about this character, this opportunity to be the first Latino. It’s not about ‘I’m gonna be the first Latino making a role,’ it’s gonna be about the first Latino main character, that’s the important thing. So it’s something huge, and it will be epic. I know that the people are gonna be proud about my work."

El Muerto Looks to be Epic for Sony

More than anything else, Bad Bunny is beyond proud to bring the first Latino superhero to the forefront for Marvel alongside such excellent representation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, he'll be able to show that heritage fully on the big screen as he takes on a powerful wrestling-based hero and delivers a new kind of story that Marvel fans have never seen before.

This movie will deliver Sony Pictures' first movie with this level of representation after the MCU had its first Asian leading hero in Shang-Chi and actors of various backgrounds in last year's Eternals

With only a couple of smaller roles on his acting resume thus far, Bad Bunny has plenty of responsibility on his plate with a hero that's never been utilized in any sort of live-action setting ahead of this movie within Sony's Spider-Man universe. Fans will look out for more information on this story in the coming months, but for now, the award-winning musician is set to dive headfirst into preparation for a hero that has yet to be introduced to the mainstream audience.

El Muerto is set to release in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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