1 Spider-Verse Actor Eyed to Reprise Marvel Role In Live-Action Movie (Report)

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Sony Pictures is reportedly eyeing a voiceover actor from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to reprise his role for a live-action Spider-Man movie.

Both Spider-Verse movies brought a number of actors who have starred in live-action Marvel projects as well, with Across the Spider-Verse featuring 10 such stars that played multiple roles in different universes.

Meanwhile, Sony also looks to expand its Sony's Spider-Man Universe franchise with new live-action movies like Kraven the Hunter (which just debuted its first trailer to the public) along with Madame Web and El Muerto.

The latter of those films will bring rap star/acting newcomer Bad Bunny into the spotlight, with his movie first announced in April 2022, although development is still in its earliest stages.

Spider-Verse Star Joins Live-Action Sony Movie

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Marvin Jones III is being eyed by Sony Pictures to appear in El Muerto as the classic Spider-Man villain Tombstone.

MarvIn Jones III
Marvin Jones III

Jones III already played this role in a voiceover capacity in 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse where the character played a minor role under the two other main villains in Kingpin and Olivia Octavius.

Sony Pictures

This movie hasn't started shooting yet due to the ongoing writers strike, with the script reportedly needing plenty of additional work before production could officially get underway for Sony Pictures.

Jones III would become the third potential cast member of El Muerto, with reports noting that WWE Diva Sasha Banks was in line for a role in Bad Bunny's solo Spidey film as well.

Will More Spider-Verse Actors Move to Live-Action?

Although Marvin Jones III's role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was only a minor one, he brought Tombstone to life effectively as he laid a beatdown on a number of Spider-Man Variants from across the Multiverse.

And considering how formidable he looks in real life, there's no doubt that he would do justice to the role again no matter if he plays the same Variant of the character that he played in Into the Spider-Verse or not.

The big question now is when exactly El Muerto will officially begin production, especially with the news that its January 12, 2024 release date was taken off of Sony's extensive release schedule.

But with Bad Bunny himself already teasing how "epic" his first superhero outing will be, the hope is that he, Banks, and Jones III can deliver exciting characters that help build Sony's Spidey franchise to new heights on the big screen.

El Muerto currently doesn't have a release date, and it's in the early stages of production as it waits to begin shooting.

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