Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Jackpot Being Developed by Sony and Marc Guggenheim

By Richard Nebens Posted:
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Ever since Sony first agreed to allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Captain America: Civil War in 2016, the studio has also been hard at work expanding their own Spider-Man cinematic universe, the SPUMC. There are also numerous suggestions that this universe is meant to tie into the MCU in the future, most notably with Adrian Toomes showing up in the Morbius trailer and the recent pictures teases shared and then deleted by Tom Hardy regarding Venom: Let There Be Carnage .

The Direct recently shared news of a new potential Madame Web movie in the works from Sony that might wind up as a part of the MCU down the road. More news has just released concerning another project from the studio that could join into that same debate of whether Sony’s SPUMC is in the MCU or not.


According to a new report from Deadline , Sony has enlisted Marc Guggenheim to write a feature film centered around Jackpot for the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. This would be the franchise’s first female-hero-centric film.


It is still unclear exactly what Sony’s plans are for Jackpot’s first film, but she would be one of the first of their characters to potentially team up with Spider-Man rather than arriving as a villain. She gains superpowers after an experiment gone wrong while she is pregnant, and she is forced to live a new life as a mom with superhuman strength.

Marc Guggenheim has an extensive history in comics with titles to his name for heroes like Aquaman, Spider-Man, Superman and Batman. He has also played huge roles in directing and writing for the CW's Arrowverse .

There is currently no timeframe for when the new Jackpot-centered film is scheduled for production or release, and it is currently unknown if or how this movie could tie into the MCU in the future.

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