Madame Web Sony-Marvel Movie Possibly in the Works with Filmmaker S.J. Clarkson

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Madame Web MCU

It is a question in everyone's mind if the upcoming Marvel films under Sony will tie in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recent trailer of the Jared Leto-led Morbius suggests that the film is part of the billion-dollar franchise , due to the cameo of Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes. Additionally, several teases from Venom 2 actor Tom Hardy about a potential Spider-Man crossover have been making the rounds in social media but he has since deleted those hints.

While fans debate whether the films are within the MCU or not, a new report may have added to the ongoing debacle as another Marvel movie from Sony's Spider-Verse is set to join the fray.


Variety exclusively revealed that a "secret Marvel movie" from Sony has found its director in the form of veteran TV director S.J. Clarkson. While the title of the movie is unknown, the outlet believed that there is a "strong possibility" that it will be based on the earlier rumored Madame Web character.

Variety also shared that there is no writer on board nor a lead star attached to the upcoming movie. Moreover, Variety's sources mentioned that "there is a possibility that the studio is looking for an A-list actor to join and then hire a writer to develop the film around them." A reported list of stars that Sony is potentially eyeing for the role include the likes of Charlize Theron and Amy Adams, but no actress has met with the studio for the role quite yet.


Whether connected to the MCU or not, Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, the official name of Sony's shared superhero universe , is growing. Madame Web has been part of the rumor mill for quite some time now, but it still remains to be seen on how the character will be explored in live-action.

In the comics, Madame Web, also known as Cassandra Webb, is an elderly blind woman and an ally of Spider-Man suffering from a chronic neuromuscular disease that leaves her paralyzed. Due to her state, she is attached to a life support system that looks like a spider web.

Madame Web's abilities include clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, and her bond with the Web of Life and Destiny . The concept is closely tied to the multiverse and could be the key to the potential involvement of Tom Holland's Spider-Man in Sony's shared universe. Although the condition of Madame Web presents a potential challenge on how the character will be portrayed in a film setup, a movie dedicated to explaining the confides of the multiverse and how it could possibly connect to the larger MCU should be a good enough launchpad for the story.

The MCU has its own movie to explore the multiverse with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and it seems that Sony is laying the groundwork of their own with Madame Web . It raises a question if these two movies could potentially intertwine given that the multiverse is a concept that offers an even wider interconnected narrative. However, much of this likely depends on Disney and Sony's partnership that revolves around the famous web-slinger.

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