Elizabeth Olsen Cryptically Teases New WandaVision Information

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Elizabeth Olsen makes some cryptic comments relating to WANDAVISION and other Disney+ productions.

Recently, a document from the French branch of Disney+ was released that listed WandaVision as a release for this year. It's quite likely that this document was not changed before the Coronavirus delayed production on every Disney+ show, meaning that its release information may not have been current. After Black Widow was delayed, Disney soon released an entirely new schedule for the remaining movies, including Black Widow, but has yet to provide a revised release slate for its Disney+ shows. 

The only information we have available regarding the timeline of the Disney+ series has come from insider Charles Murphy, who suggested that they would be targeting September to recommence production.


This strange piece of news regarding Wandavision comes from the star herself, Elizabeth Olsen, from her Instagram account.

A few days prior, she had spoken directly to Avengers fans about her garden and its various vegetables and fruits on her Instagram. Specifically, when she had planted them, she made reference to the months of February and March. Sites picked up on this seemingly encoded message and broke it down as it referring to the productions of Loki and WandaVision.

Her newest Instagram post seems to encourage this reading between the lines.

This new post is referring to an article that is breaking down that message with Olsen simply saying "Can YOU read between the lines...?" on her Instagram.


As described in the Instagram post, this new post refers to a video she had posted on her Instagram story in which she directly addresses Avengers fans and proceeds to list seemingly random vegtables and fruits in her her garden.

The post references an article that breaks down her "code" with all the vegetables she had named, speculating that the green vegetables that she claimed to have planted in late February were in reference to the Loki series releasing in late February of next year. Additionally, Olsen then talks about tomatoes being planted during the first week of March, which could allude to the new release date of WandaVision in early March 2021. Another possibility is that Olsen was referring to how WandaVision had seemingly wrapped its Atlanta production at the end of February and had its wrap party in early March.

Yet another explanation for all of this is Elizabeth Olsen could simply be messing with fans who looked into her Instagram post too closely. 

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