The Batman: Robert Pattinson's Bat-Symbol Receives Official Trademark

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Robert Pattinson's Batman Symbol

Fans have already seen Robert Pattinson in full costume as Batman, both officially and unofficially . They then got to see what his Bat Mobile would looked like , turning out to be far humbler than previous iterations of the famous vehicle.

Now, fans thought that they had seen what his Bat-Symbol would look like, but according to a new trademark filed by DC Comics, Batman's official symbol in The Batman might turn out to be a bit different.


The folks over at have discovered that DC Comics has filed a trademark for the newest Bat-Symbol for Robert Pattinson's The Batman .

New bat symbol for Batman
New Trademarked Image for Robert Pattinson's The Batman

This symbol, at the very least, will be displayed on tie-in merchandise related to The Batman , such as toys, books, comics, and so much more. But, it isn't a certainty that this exact symbol will appear in the movie at all.


It's interesting how this Bat-Symbol has a head, unlike the symbol that is adorning Robert Pattinson's costume, which lacks that appendage. It actually makes some sense, due to his new symbol essentially being crafted from a gun cut in half and placed to appear as bat wings. So, there wouldn't be enough gun left to have a head without making the wings smaller or the entire thing looking awkward.

Another possibility is that Pattinson's Batman symbol could change by the end of the movie to include this more standardized Bat-Symbol that isn't beheaded. It would also fit with the idea of this being a new and younger Batman that will change and adapt over time as he grows into the role of The Dark Knight.

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