Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Matt Reeves Reveals First Poster, Logo

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Robert Pattinson, Batman

The Batman will provide fans a fresh new take of the Dark Knight with Robert Pattinson (Twilight, The Lighthouse) set to don the cape and cowl for the first time. Production for the film has yet to resume, but the chatter surrounding the film didn't stop due to the plethora of information that surfaced in recent weeks. 

For starters, The Batman will have a major presence in the upcoming DC FanDome online convention this week. It is expected that an official sneak peek for the film will be provided by the film's director, Matt Reeves. Not only that, the marketing push for the aforementioned teaser has been in full swing ever since. And now, Reeves has shared two massive pieces of promotional material for The Batman


In a tweet, The Batman director Matt Reeves has officially unveiled the film's logo along with its first poster.

The official logo shows the film's title which is accompanied by the previously released Bat-symbol:

The Batman logo
The Batman logo
The Batman Official Poster by DC's Jim Lee
The Batman Official Poster by DC's Jim Lee

In comparison to previous live-action Batman logos...

 Batman Logos
Live-action movie Batman logos

Meanwhile, the first official poster shows the DC FanDome artwork that Jim Lee made, and it shows the Dark Knight watching Gotham from above:


While there is no word yet if the release of The Batman will be delayed, it has already been confirmed that filming for the 2021 blockbuster will resume next month, meaning that there is still a chance that the original release date will stick. Regardless, this particular logo reveal from Reeves could help establish the start of the film's marketing push moving forward. 

By looking closely, the official poster of The Batman is more proof that Pattinson's Batsuit is comic-accurate. The previous reveal of Pattinson wearing the Batsuit was well-received by fans, and this artwork should bode well even more for those who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the film. 

Interestingly, Reeves has already teased that this version of the Dark Knight will be more of a detective in the film. That said, combining it with a comic-accurate take on the costume should deliver a visual treat for DC fans everywhere. 

At this point, The Batman is proving to be a major inclusion during the upcoming DC FanDome, and this was evidenced by the film's placing in the new schedule. The film will serve as the last panel during the eight-hour super show, and it has the potential to cap off the virtual experience in a massive way. 

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