Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Evidence Points To White-Eyed Batsuit Finally Coming To Big Screen

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Robert Pattinson Batman White Eyes

The anticipation surrounding The Batman is high, especially after the major reveals from last year's DC FanDome. The film's director, Matt Reeves, led the information drive for the movie during the online event, ultimately ending the presentation by showing off the first trailer for the Robert Pattinson-led project. 

The fresh footage promises a grittier take on Gotham's protector, dealing with the city's conspiracies and shady characters from the get-go. First looks at several villains like Zoe Kravitz' Selina Kyle and Paul Dano's Riddler were released, but a major talking point from fans is Batman's new live-action suit. 

The latest take on the Batsuit initially earned mixed reactions from fans and critics, but the trailer gave them a sense of hope when they saw Pattinson's Batman in action.

Now, a closer look may shed some light on some of the suit's secrets. 


Prime 1 Studios revealed a new statue for Matt Reeves' The Batman, showcasing a fresh look at the Caped Crusader's costume in the movie. 

Prime 1 Studio's Batman Statue
Prime 1 Studios

The statue features an interesting addition to this new iteration of Batman as evidenced by the inclusion of white eyes that the character is known for in the comics. 

Prime 1 Studio's statue for The Batman
Prime 1 Studios

An in-depth look at Robert Pattinson's take on the Dark Knight was also unveiled, showing off a bulkier physique and his collection of Bat gadgets. 

Prime 1 Studio's Batman Statue
Prime 1 Studios

There was a running theory that the chest piece of Gotham's protector is made from the gun that killed his parents. This up-close look seemingly added more fuel to that speculation. 

Prime 1 Studio's Batman Statue
Prime 1 Studios 

A full-blown look at the statue shows Batman looking over Gotham, with the DC hero holding his grappling hook while likely preparing to protect his beloved city. 

The Batman Official Poster by DC's Jim Lee
The Batman Official Poster by DC's Jim Lee

Prime 1 Studios dubs this statue as “The Batman Cover Art Version.” This was inspired by the official poster from DC FanDome that was created by Jim Lee. 


The Batman will follow Bruce Wayne's second year as the famous DC hero, meaning that his weapons and suit have yet to receive much-needed upgrades. Still, this detailed look at the Batsuit goes to show that the playboy billionaire knows what it takes to take on Gotham's dangerous criminals and metahumans. 

Meanwhile, the addition of the white eyes is one of the many wishes from fans whenever there is a live-action Batman project. While this statue is inspired by Jim Lee's promo art for the film, it is possible that the iconic Batsuit feature will be included in the final cut of The Batman, and there is evidence that supports this theory. 

Previous set photos revealed that Batman's cowl has goggles which could indicate that Matt Reeves and his crew will incorporate the white eyes later during post-production. The reason behind this is unknown, but there is a chance that it is one of the hidden features that Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne will include throughout his crime-fighting. 

This is not the first time that the white eyes were included in a Bat-related DC project. The feature is a common staple from the Arrowverse's Batwoman, with both Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder using the feature to defeat enemies while in the dark. 

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight also showcased the white eyes as Bat-Sonar Lenses for Christian Bale's Batman, using it as a way to fight off Joker's minions in the film's final battle. 

It remains to be seen if The Batman will indeed add the white eyes in the movie, but this statue proved that it will present a dark and grounded take for Gotham's resident hero.

The Batman is set to premiere in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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