Robert Pattinson’s The Batman: Leak Reveals New Looks at Riddler & Selina Kyle

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DC fans never know what to expect when it comes to keeping up with their favorite franchises. Generally speaking, Warner Bros. is all over the place. There's the DCEU, then the temporarily revived Synderverse, and even projects on Earth 2—outside any established continuity. 

On top of that, many DC projects never actually get off the ground past their initial announcement. That said, if all goes well, fans have more to look forward to in the coming years than they've had in quite a long time.

There's the bloodbath that will be James Gunns' The Suicide SquadShazam's arch-nemesis' debut in the Black Adam, and the Flashpoint focused The FlashAll of these are of course only the beginning. However, there is one project that seems to be seen above the rest. 

Of course, that's none other than Robert Pattinson's upcoming film The Batman, which is easily the most anticipated project of any upcoming DC film. The trailer presented during the very first DC Fandome blew people away, leaving them wanting more.

Well, today's a good day then, as fans now have a look at new leaked posters for the fan—including a look at The Riddler himself...


Thanks to Reddit user Flactify, fans now have a look at leaked posters from the upcoming film The Batman.

The image(s) seem to be from the back of an upcoming calendar themed around the aforementioned film.

The leaked images can be found below, along with closer looks at addition posters displayed within it.

The Batman, Riddler, Catwoman, DCU

The back of the calendar showcases a few neat images, giving brand-new looks at not only Robert Pattinson's Batman but Riddler and Catwoman as well.

The Batman movie poster

This seems to be an exclusive poster that comes packaged with the calendar. On it fans can see Batman watching over Gotham City, just above his fancy new Batmobile.

Also, of note is the unique color scheme used, which is very striking and visually pleasing. 

The Batman, Riddler, DCU

Here is a first clear-ish look at Paul Dano's portrayal of The Riddler. The slogan "Unmask the truth" can be seen plastered on top of him—something likely to be a key point in the narrative.

The Batman, Riddler, DCU

The complete phrase of what is trying to be said isn't all too clear due to the red being hard to make out. However, The Riddler's signature green question mark can be seen clear as day.

The Batman, Riddler, DCU

While not high quality by any means, this is the first look at the look that The Riddler will be wearing in the film. It certainly is aiming to be its own unique thing, as it isn't very similar to that of The Riddler's look from the comics.

The Batman, Catwoman, Selina Kyle, DCU

While technically a new look at Selina Kyle, it isn't anything fans haven't already seen thanks to previous set photos from set.


While fans are still ways out from getting any new additional high-quality looks at The Batman, low-quality merchandise leaks are always a sign that the film is getting that much closer to release. That is if you can see between the pixels. 

The most notable thing to take away from these photos is getting a better look at Paul Dano in full Riddler attire. While it's far from 4K, it's easy to make out just enough to where it's clear that the movie is going in a unique direction with his look.

It almost looks like Dano's helmet is metal plating, similar in look to Robotman from Doom Patrol. It is however hard to tell for sure if that is indeed the case, given the quality of the image. Though from the brief glimpse that fans got of the character in the first trailer, it seems unlikely.

What's for sure is that more information on the film can't arrive soon enough. Maybe fans can expect something at DC's next Fandome? Only time will tell.

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