The Batman Movie Receives Questionable New Posters

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The Batman, Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz

After a slower year in 2021 for the DC Extended Universe with only Zack Snyder’s Justice League and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad releasing, 2022 will kick off in grand fashion with Matt Reeves’ The Batman in theaters. Bringing Robert Pattinson into the title role along with an impressive group of villains, The Batman looks to give fans a new look into the classic hero’s oft-told solo story.

Now that the film is less than three months from debuting, Warner Bros and the team behind The Batman are ramping up efforts on its promotional tour. This started in a big way with 2021's DC FanDome event, where Reeves and his team delivered the movie's second full trailer that showed off how intense the action and drama will be in Pattinson's first Batman solo story.

This now continues into the new year with interviews from the cast revealing more information on the film, along with magazine covers sharing new looks at leading characters like Batman and Catwoman. Now, Reeves has come out with his own update that teases one of the movie's villains that's largely been in the shadows thus far.

New Moving Poster for The Batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves took to Twitter to share a 30-second moving poster for the next movie in the DC Extended Universe, along with the caption "Question everything."

This poster fades from black into a red background with an outline of Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader in the middle. As the rain falls on his head, a bright red question mark appears around Batman to tease Paul Dano's Riddler.

This also comes with strange symbol combinations on the sides, mostly consisting of other question marks.

The Batman poster

Following this Tweet, the official DC Comics page responded with another motion poster once again teasing the Riddler. 

The poster's message features alternating letters in some of the spaces that ultimately says "Let's play a game. Just me and you."

Batman Cryptic movie


Batman Vs. The Riddler Teased in Poster Form

Most of the promotional tour for The Batman has focused on Robert Pattinson's lead hero, along with two villains in Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman and Colin Farrell's Penguin. Through the movie's trailers and promotional material, an important character that still lurks in the background of this movie's story is Paul Dano's Riddler.

Warner Bros. has held back from giving fans a look at Dano's actual character, instead opting to offer only mysterious teases in the form of question marks and the villain's classic riddles. The only true signs of his presence thus far has been the line heard in past trailers where he asks "What's red and black and dead all over?" in regards to his bat-based foe, as well as other small glimpses at the villain from behind or afar.

As The Batman inches closer to its release date, Dano's Riddler will likely remain a mystery until the vengeful villain makes his full debut within the DCEU. However, there seems to be no end to the use of question marks and riddles in the movie's marketing plan as he remains a key player in the story.

The Batman is set to debut in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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