Robert Pattinson Reveals How His Batman Differs From Affleck's & Bale's

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The DC Extended Universe is set to bring a handful of major additions to its growing narrative in 2022, which kicks off in theaters with Matt Reeves’ The Batman in March. Robert Pattinson is set to play the Caped Crusader within the DCEU, following big-time stars of the past like Ben Affleck and Christian Bale as he takes on the first major superhero role of his extensive career.

One key point to remember about Pattinson's first DCEU solo outing is that it takes place not only in a different part of the DC Multiverse, but at a very different time in Bruce Wayne's life as well. Although Gotham is already in shambles thanks to villains like Colin Farrell's Penguin and Paul Dano's Riddler, this movie will show a Dark Knight who's still learning the bat-ropes of fighting crime.

Also part of the challenge for Pattinson is distinguishing his Batman as a unique character in a franchise that's already seen Ben Affleck play the role on three separate occasions (not including Zack Snyder's Justice League from March 2021). Thanks to his most recent interview, fans now have a better idea of exactly how he will do that.

Pattinson's Unique Take on Batman

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Speaking with Empire Magazine, The Batman star Robert Pattinson shared how his versions of Batman and Bruce Wayne differ from previous iterations of the hero from other movies.

With Bruce being in the earliest stages of his crime-fighting career, Pattinson explained how it's really only him and Andy Serkis' Alfred working together to build his persona.

He's not a Bruce Wayne that's known as a public figure in Gotham and he doesn't even have his master technology guru Lucius Fox to aid him; Alfred even believes that Bruce has "gone insane" from this venture as well:

“Bruce has been hiding away. He’s not really a socialite at all. He’s building all these little contraptions and things, just with Alfred. And even Alfred thinks he’s gone insane!”

No Friends, No Lucius, Just Pure Bruce

Every version of Batman that fans have seen in the 21st century has been vastly different in one form or another. From the presence or absence of true origin stories to the teams that each Bruce Wayne has had around them, Bale and Affleck both got to put their own unique twists on the hero's comic story before Pattinson takes the mantle and runs with it.

This time around, the biggest change seems to be that his Bruce will be more of a loner than either of his predecessers were, after Bale and Affleck were both seen mingling with the Gotham elite on more than one occasion. With Pattinson's quotes here, it seems as though his version of Gotham's Dark Knight won't be nearly as public of a figure, particularly as he finds his way as Batman.

With plenty of details about his backstory still hidden, fans will pay close attention to how the movie sets up Pattinson's character both as a man and as a superhero. This antisocial aspect will certainly play a role in how he develops both sides of his personality, particularly regarding his decision to serve as Gotham's protector.

The Batman will release in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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