Every The Suicide Squad Death in Chronological Order

Suicide Squad villain deaths
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Ever since the conception of The Suicide Squad first came, it's been made clear that fans shouldn't get too attached to this group of villains as many won't make it out of the film alive.

With the film finally available in theaters and on HBO Max, The Direct breaks down which of the DC heroes and villains were killed in the film and how they died.

Every DC Death in The Suicide Squad

Even with the expectation of a high body count, it still came as a shock to many that more than half of the star-studded cast didn't even make it out of the first ten minutes.

1. Weasel

Weasel Death in The Suicide Squad

Initially, Sean Gunn's CGI villain appeared to be the first casualty of the film after seemingly drowning upon the squad's drop from a helicopter into the water below. After it was hilariously revealed Weasel can't swim, Michael Rooker's Savant made an attempt to save him, only for him to die in his arms.

2. Blackguard

Blackguard Death in The Suicide Squad

Shockingly, Taskforce X turned out to have a traitor in their midst in Pete Davidson's Blackguard. Prior to the mission, the cocky criminal contacted to Corto Maltese army to warn them of the impending attack. But this wasn't enough to save his life as the fictional military shot him in the face as he attempted to declare his allegiance to them.

3. Mongal

Mongal Death in The Suicide Squad

Once the action really got started, the orange alien Mongal was the first to go as she arrogantly attempted to take down a helicopter with her bare hands, only to crash in and die a fiery death in the explosion.

4. Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang Death The Suicide Squad

With Jai Courtney's boomerang-slinger being one of the few returning characters from 2016's Suicide Squad, most assumed he would have a pivotal role. But sadly, Captain Boomerang was bloodily killed by the crashing helicopter's blades.

5. T.D.K.

TDK Death The Suicide Squad

Having utilized his detachable arms to attack the soldiers, T.D.K. had one of the most hilariously grim deaths out of the opening scene. Amongst all the gory and tragic death, the villain's arms were repeatedly shot as the rest of his body squirmed on the ground until he eventually gave out. 

6. Javelin

Javelin Death The Suicide Squad

Despite dying within the opening fight after numerous bullet wounds from the Corto Maltese military, Flula Borg's Gunter Braun plays a key role in the film. As he clung to the edges of life, Javelin passed his weapon onto Harley Quinn as he saw her as the only one worthy of wielding it.

Unfortunately, Gunter died before he could explain why she had to take it, but it eventually came in handy as Harley used it in the final act to take down Starro.

7. Savant 

Savant Death The Suicide Squad

Out of the entire squad of bomb-implanted villains, Rooker's Savant was the only one to be detonated by Waller in the film. After seeing the rest of his squad fall one by one, Savant attempted to flee into the water, only to be blown up by Waller after numerous warnings.

8. Milton 

Milton Death The Suicide Squad

Taskforce X took the help of a civilian named Milton to sneak them into the capital of Corto Maltese. Milton tagged along with the team all the way into Jotunheim, at which point he was killed in a gunfight with the military. Hilariously, none of the squad aside from Polka Dot Man were even aware he was still with them.

9. Rick Flag 

Rick Flag Death The Suicide Squad

After the massacre on the beach, it was some time before another member of the squad was killed off. 

After the squad discovered proof of the United States' involvement in Project Starfish, it was revealed John Cena's gunslinger knew this all along and was only there to recover the drive. Sadly, Rick Flag was killed by Peacemaker after he got in the way of this mission in what may be the movie's most heartbreaking death.

10. Polka Dot Man 

Polka Dot Man Death The Suicide Squad

David Dastmalchian's colorful villain Abner Krill was the final heroic casualty of the film as he tragically fell during the battle with Starro.

Following what can be assumed to be some intense childhood trauma, Polka Dot Man sees his mother's face on everyone around him, including the giant alien starfish. After some hilarious shots of a giant middle-aged woman stampeding through Corto Maltese, Krill was crushed by Starro himself. 

11. Silvio Luna

Silvio Luna Death The Suicide Squad

Despite having just agreed to his marriage proposal, Harley Quinn shot the Corto Maltese President Silvio Luna through the chest after he explained he would use the family and children of his enemies to feed Starro. Harley's reaction to this revelation proves without a doubt that she may not be a villain after all, and thus has a moral compass to guide her.

12. Mateo Suarez

Mato Suarez Death The Suicide Squad

With Luna deceased, the mantle of President fell to the country's even more evil General, Mateo Suarez. Having continued to pursue the squad throughout the film, Suarez fell victim to his own work as he became one of many to be controlled and killed by Starro.

13. Thinker 

Thinker Death The Suicide Squad

Peter Capaldi's evil genius was the chief scientist in charge of Project Starfish, although Starro clearly wasn't the biggest fan of his work. After a set of explosions freed Starro, the giant alien grabbed hold of the Thinker to pull his limbs off and splatter him to pieces in a gory fashion.

14. Starro

Starro Death The Suicide Squad

The giant alien starfish had arguably the most tragic tale of the entire film. Having initially been floating in space happily watching the stars, he was taken back to Earth for weaponization. After Jotunheim's destruction, he went on a destructive rampage through Corto Maltese, forcing the squad to ignore Waller's orders to take him on.

In a visually spectacular and beautifully scored moment, Harley jumped into Starro's eye with the javelin, creating a hole for a city-sized swarm of rats to crawl into and nibble his organs apart.

Which Task Force X Members Survived?

Task Force X The Suicide Squad Movie

1. Harley Quinn 

Ever since her debut in 2016's Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has proven popular among fans, meaning her survival was almost a sure thing going into her latest adventure. 

2. Bloodsport 

Idris Elba's mercenary proved to be the surprise star of The Suicide Squad as he led the team to victory in their fight against Starro. Beyond that, Bloodsport also overcame his fear of rats, something which had proven to be a contentious topic with Ratcatcher 2 throughout their journey.

3. Ratcatcher 2 

Not only did Daniela Melchior's rat-controlling millennial survive the squad's mission, but so did her pet rat Sebastian, who she kept on her throughout the film, leading to plenty of laughs along the way.

4. King Shark

Sylvester Stallone's giant CGI shark villain was one of the few survivors of the assault on Jotunheim after he successfully tore through much of the Corto Maltese military as their bullets didn't even seem to phase him.

5. Weasel 

While Sean Gunn's CGI villain initially appeared dead, the first post-credits scene of The Suicide Squad revealed that he somehow survived his disastrous ordeal. As Weasel woke up on the beach where he was left, surrounded by the bodies of the squad, he quickly ran off into the jungle of Corto Maltese.

6. Peacemaker 

After the final credits of The Suicide Squad, viewers were left with one last scene revealing Peacemaker is still alive in hospital after being recovered from the rubble. With John Economos and Emilia Harcourt having visited him there for his help to "save the f***ing world," one can imagine this scene was likely to set the stage for his next role as the star of his own Peacemaker HBO Max series.

With only six members of the squad left alive, this group, plus a few new additions, will likely provide the cast of James Gunn's potential sequel should it ever become a reality. But with the group now pardoned, perhaps they will be choosing their own missions this time around instead of being ordered around by Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

The Suicide Squad is available to stream on HBO Max now.