Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam: Details Tease How Awesome Hawkman's Space Ship Will Look In DC Movie

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Black Adam Hawkman comics

 The DC Extended Universe is working hard to bring nearly half a dozen new entries to the franchise, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's long-awaited Black Adam solo movie. Filming is in its early stages in Atlanta, GA, with the former wrestler-turned-megastar finally bringing his pet project to life as it prepares to release next July. 

The Rock will be cooking up a storm with some of Hollywood's finest actors beside him, including Rush Hour 3's Sarah Shahi and former James Bond hunk Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. Aldis Hodge is included in this outstanding mix as well, bringing the DCEU's Hawkman into play he leads the Justice Society of America. 

Now that Hawkman is officially coming, the big question is whether fans will see his classic ship from the comics join him for the ride. Thankfully, that question has been answered thanks to the latest reports coming from the set.


Hawkman Ship Black Adam

Lizzie Hill of Murphy's Multiverse revealed a description of the DCEU's Thanagarian Star Cruiser from the set of Warner Bros.' Black Adam. This is the iconic mode of transportation for DC's Hawkman, who is played in this film by Aldis Hodge.

The ship is described as having "a raised circular sitting area in the back" with red lights that "curve from the back up across the ceiling." Multiple Hawkman logos are adorned in the hallways and on the floor with glowing red lights to top everything off:

“It’s awesome. It’s sleek…has this curved look to it…a raised circular sitting area in the back and a big set of long red lights that curve from the back up across the ceiling. There’s a medical bay nook (reclined bed with instruments around it) and something that looks like a bar with glass chairs. Hawkman symbol in gold on the floor in the center. Also one of the hallways has a Hawkman logo in red glowing at the end of it. Pretty cool.”

Set photos from March 2020 revealed what appeared to be the Star Cruiser, which is likely the same set described in this leak as well:



Hawkman's ship is deeply interwoven with his history in the comics as the hero uses it to traverse the galaxy often at speeds faster than that of light. The vehicle classically comes from his home planet Thanagar, which should be an exciting sign that the movie may dive into his alien origins for his DCEU introduction.

It will be interesting to find out how much screen time the ship sees, which will hopefully see more clarity once the extent of Hodge's role is revealed. Regardless of that answer, fans should be thrilled that the alien spaceship will find its rightful place in a live-action project within the DCEU.

Hawkman and his JSA teammates should find themselves quite familiar with the extensive interior of this ship as they search for and work with Black Adam. All in all, excitement is building to see the cruiser's full capabilities as it arrives on Earth.

Black Adam is currently filming and will release in theaters on July 29, 2022.

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