The Flash Movie Reportedly Rebuilding Tim Burton's Gotham City For Michael Keaton's Batman

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Production for Warner Bros.' The Flash is finally underway in the United Kingdom as Ezra Miller brings the first full solo movie for DC's Scarlet Speedster. There is still plenty of material to shoot with the film just under 18 months away from release, although fans are thrilled that cameras are rolling for this blockbuster.

Recent set photos revealed that The Flash will revisit Wayne Manor from the 1989 Batman movie with Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne playing a key role alongside Miller and DCEU Batman Ben Affleck. It's becoming evident that plenty of screen time will be devoted to this time period, with other photos showing off Keaton's classic Batmobile as well.

This trend continues in the latest news report, which teases Keaton's universe coming into play on an even larger scale...


Gotham Batman 1989
Batman (1989)

The Daily Record revealed that film crews for Warner Bros.' The Flash are scheduled to arrive in Scotland next month. Parts of both Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland are set to be utilized to recreate "gothic scenes" of Tim Burton's version of Gotham City from the 1989 Batman film, which starred Michael Keaton.

A source from the shoot said that this is "really exciting for DC Comic fans:"

“It’s really exciting for DC Comic fans that film crews will be back in town. It’s great news for Glasgow and Edinburgh that once again the outstanding architecture will be showcased in such a big film.”


While it's unclear how much time will be spent in Keaton's timeline, he will be given plenty of background for his first appearance in nearly 30 years.

DC and Warner Bros. have the additional option to take footage straight from the 1989 Batman movie, but it will be interesting to see what comes from shooting in the recreated Gotham. While the report mentions these scenes being for flashbacks, this could also play into how Keaton's Batman finds his way into the story alongside Barry Allen.

The DCEU multiverse is set to be fully explored in this film, which should be pushed along by seeing this version of Gotham recreated for the newer franchise. Since it's unclear how much time the crew will spend shooting in this location, fans will certainly be on the lookout for more information surrounding this adventure.

The Flash is currently filming and will release in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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