The Flash Movie: New Set Photos Tease Gotham Setting

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Andy Muschietti's The Flash has been surrounded with a lot of buzz recently as the Flashpoint adaptation looks to leave a significant impact on the DCEU moving forward. 

Fans of the Scarlet Speedster have been waiting some time to see The Flash brought to the big screen. Having taken years to secure a writer, director, and lead actor, the DC blockbuster is finally filming in the UK and is currently set for a November 2022 release.

Ezra Miller's first superhero solo outing is far from the film many were expecting as it includes appearances from many DC heroes as the speedster travels across the multiverse. Notably, the 2022 blockbuster will see multiple Batmen unite on screen for the first time in live-action as both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprise their roles as the Caped Crusader.

As filming presses on, recent set photos have teased a trip to at least one version of Gotham in the film, leaving fans questioning which version of the city it could be.


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Glasgow resident James Thomson recently took to Twitter to share photos captured from the Scottish city's infamous George Square highlighting a Gotham Transit Authority bus on the set of The Flash.

Reports have indicated for some time that the historical city would soon double as Gotham City for the DC production. The recent arrival of such a large set-piece seems to indicate filming will commence soon.

In an effort to avoid drawing attention to the production, the word “Gotham” was covered up on the bus using black tape, however, the iconic name is still clearly visible on close inspection. 

The license plate on the back of the vehicle notably references its Central City origin, potentially meaning either Barry Allen or Iris West may arrive in Gotham via an intercity bus route.

But that isn't the only bus on set, as Twitter user @Michaeldrum captured a look at a traffic scene that included a Central Schools bus The presence of a school bus from Barry Allen's home city suggesting that Glasgow may also double for Central City unless a school trip to Gotham is in progress.

Additionally, the imagines offer a look at an “Electrical Service and Repairs” company called Zeus, a clear reference to the Greek gods which influence Wonder Woman's corner of the DC universe.

Another batch of set photos — shared on Twitter by @FlashFilmNews — showcase a market scene being built in George Square to include wooden stalls selling watermelons and other fruit items.

Additionally, the behind-the-scenes shots highlight a member of the crew receiving a COVID-19 test, showcasing the precautions still in force on the set as restrictions continue to be enforced.


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While one would naturally assume a film with multiple Batmen would take The Flash to Gotham at one point or another, the recent set photos are the first direct hint at a trip to Bruce Wayne's iconic city.

Believe it or not, this is the second time this year Glasgow has been transformed into the Bat's hometown as parts of the city were previously used for Robert Pattinson's The Batman. While Matt Reeves used the Victorian-looking Necropolis cemetery as the focus of his filming, Andy Muschietti has taken The Flash to the city center's iconic George Square.

As The Flash is expected to feature multiple different versions of Gotham, given the inclusion of both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's Caped Crusaders, it's tough to determine which may be pictured in these scenes.

As was observed by @woolton15 on Twitter, the Gotham Transit Authority bus pictured was previously used on the set of The Batman last year. If Warner Bros. will be using the same design across multiple productions, it is probably a move to reduce costs as the bus, rather than an indicator of a trip to Pattinson's universe.

The world of Keaton's Batman hasn't been seen since the '80s, so it's hard to imagine how the city could have aged over time. But one would assume director Andy Muschietti would opt to maintain the Gothic aesthetic Tim Burton created at the time.

Unless significant design changes will be made digitally in post-production, the scenes in question likely come from the main DCEU universe in which Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne dons the mantle of Batman.

As filming presses on in the UK, Ben Affleck is currently enjoying a romantic getaway to France with Jennifer Lopez, meaning it's unclear when he will begin filming his scenes. The exact extent of the Justice League star's role is up in the air for now as, up until recently, his time in the DC universe was believed to be behind him

The inclusion of a Central City school bus in the filming is certainly an interesting detail which raises many questions regarding the scenes being filmed in Glasgow. Since neither the film nor any of its characters have any current connection to high school, unless it's from a flashback sequence, the Scottish city may also double for Central City in certain scenes.

The Flash only started rolling in April, so there are probably several more months of filming to go before the production wraps. Andy Muschietti's debut superhero flick isn't expected to hit theaters until November 2022, leaving the cast and crew plenty of time to perfect the film.

The Flash hits theaters on November 4, 2022.

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