The Flash Movie: New Set Photos Appear To Show Bruce Wayne's Car

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After a long wait, multiple delays, and the involvement of numerous directors, The Flash is finally filming in the U.K. with Ezra Miller in the titular role and It director Andy Muschietti helming the speedster production.

The 2022 blockbuster is set to be DC's first foray into the multiverse on the big screen with both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck expected to reprise their roles as different versions of Batman. 

With set photos and videos beginning to appear online as filming hits the streets of London, the first tease appears to have arrived that one of the film's Batmen will be joining filming in the near future. 


As The Flash continues production in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, set photos shared on Twitter have revealed a look at what appears to be Bruce Wayne's car on the set of the DC film. 

Both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are to reprise their roles as Batman in the multiverse romp, meaning it's unclear which version of the caped crusader this car will belong to. 

Neither of the actors has yet been spotted in London for filming, however, the arrival of the luxury vehicle seems to suggest at least one of them will surface in the coming days.


Based on this image alone, it would be hard to determine whether Affleck or Keaton is preparing to join the production of The Flash imminently. However, additional set photos have revealed Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will make a brief appearance in this scene, as the Amazonian hero is shown on the side of a bus, promoting the in-universe Central City Children's Fund.

The appearance of Wonder Woman in the scene seems to undoubtedly confirm the scene in question is taking place within the main DCEU universe, meaning Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is likely the driver of this car. Additionally, this car appears to be a black version of the silver Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo that the billionaire hero drove in Justice League with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen in the passenger seat.

Bruce Wayne Car Justice League
Zack Snyder's Justice League

Assuming this shot comes from the same sequence as the Wonder Woman-decorated bus, Affleck's Batman may be taking a trip to Central City in The Flash. As the scene takes place in the day, and he will be driving his standard car, as opposed to the Batmobile, it seems Wayne may be visiting the city on some non-vigilante business. 

How big a role Affleck and Keaton will play in The Flash remains an unanswered question as the film is set to introduce DC's multiverse on the big screen for the first time. Based on this, fans can expect to spend time on a number of different Earths, however, the two Batmen will hopefully still unite on screen together for a grand-scale action sequence. 

Ben Affleck was spotted in the U.S. earlier this week, seemingly indicating he won't be joining the DC production quite yet, especially given the quarantine periods required in entering the U.K. However, the arrival of his car on-set means the cast and crew are probably gathering some externals shots in preparation to take filming inside when the Batman actor lands in the country. 

The Flash will hit theaters on November 4, 2022.

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