The Flash Movie: Set Photo Reveals Bruce Wayne aka Batman Production Chair

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After many years of delaysThe Flash is finally in production in London under IT director Andy Muschietti. The long-awaited solo speedster outing is set to explore DC's multiverse while adapting the iconic Flashpoint story from DC Comics that famously rebooted the entire comic universe.

While Muschietti's film will serve as the first solo film to center around the Scarlet Speedster, he isn't the only superhero that will be featured in the 2022 epic. Both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will play different versions of Batman while Sasha Calle will suit up as Supergirl, marking the first time the character has taken to the big screen since 1984.

With filming underway, many fans are eagerly awaiting new looks from the set. While photos have been sparse so far, the crew behind The Flash has begun to tease the production on social media.


The Flash director Andy Muschietti's sister and the film's producer, Barbra Muschietti, revealed an image of a chair belonging to a Bruce Wayne actor.

Given both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton have been confirmed to be reprising their past Batman roles in The Flash, it's unclear which of the two actors the chair belongs to.

This comes after a behind-the-scenes shot of Ezra Miller's chair on the set of the upcoming DC production was recently posted as well.


With The Flash finally set to dive into DC's multiverse for the first time in cinematic history, the film will see multiple actors take on the role of Batman. Both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will be reprising their past roles, however, it's unclear if any of the other fan-favorite Caped Crusaders will make a surprise return.

While Keaton's Dark Knight is expected to play a fairly significant role in The Flash and the future of the DCEU, it's hard to predict the extent of Affleck's role as the actor's time under the cowl was previously thought to be over. Based on the rumors that the 1980s Batman actor will play a key part in the film, it can be assumed that this chair likely belongs to him, potentially suggesting his character may take second billing in the film behind Ezra Miller's Flash.

While the blockbuster will center around Miller's Scarlet Speedster, Muschietti's film appears to be putting a great influence on Batman. The Flash has been said to play a major role in setting up the future of the cinematic Justice League, meaning establishing the next lineup of the team could be a significant part of the plot.

The Flash is currently in production in London, however, fans will have to be patient as it isn't set to hit theaters until November 4, 2022.

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