John Cena Is Covered In Blood In New Set Photos For James Gunn's Peacemaker

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John Cena Peacemaker Bloody

Shooting for James Gunn's Peacemaker began in January and has been moving full-steam ahead uninterrupted. Much of the production has actually taken place outdoors, which has allowed multiple set photos to leak. Shortly after filming began, a fan caught one reference to the home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan on set.

Gunn himself has even shared set photos with the cast and crew along with fun tidbits about the production, like Peacemaker's reflective helmet being an additional complication to filming.

After production on Peacemaker ends, Gunn has another potential DC project in the pipeline. Until that happens, filming for this HBO Max original series will continue to chug along.


 Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Twitchy2002, fans near the set of Peacemaker were able to give John Cena a balloon to celebrate the actor's recent birthday.

Cena posed with them both in full Peacemaker costume, covered head to toe in fake blood:



James Gunn's Peacemaker is expected to be just as gory as The Suicide Squad and Cena being absolutely covered in blood further cements this promise. Not much can be gleaned from the bloody makeup on Cena, but one detail does indicate that whatever scene Cena gets covered in blood, he isn't wearing his chrome helmet.

Blood can be seen all over his forehead, which the helmet would have blocked. Therefore, it's likely that whatever violent event occurs, Peacemaker will be without his trademark headwear.

It could be also due to Gunn's recent explanation about how they've dealt with shooting Peacemaker's chrome helmet on set. Considering the amount of blood covering Cena, the scene in question likely would have been a very tedious affair if it was included to remove the various reflections that the helmet creates.

Peacemaker is currently scheduled to release on HBO Max in January 2022.

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