James Gunn Reveals Big Issue With Filming John Cena's Peacemaker

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Look, let's face it. 2016's Suicide Squad is not a very good film. In fact, there are moments in the movie that some consider to be downright terrible.

So when the plans were announced for a brand new Suicide Squad film, there was hesitancy, to say the least. There is a key difference this time around though, that being the filmmaker in charge, James Gunn. 

Thanks to his brief Marvel breakup, Gunn was given the opportunity to take the team for a spin in a new film. This is ironic, as Warner Brothers reportedly wanted the original Suicide Squad film to be their Guardians of the Galaxy. Given how the recent trailers look, it seems like the Guardians director may have done a pretty good job. 

So good, in fact, that Warner Bros. went on to allow him to make a show revolving around one of the team's new members. This was John Cena's Peacemaker, someone who looks very silly in the footage released, purposely so. Looking closer at it all, it seems like such a costume would have been quite annoying to film with. Seeing as the helmet is nothing but shiny reflective metal. 

Turns out, that is exactly the case. 


John Cena Peacemaker

In a Twitter exchange, user @DannyLaShep asked James Gunn an important question.  "... Have you guys had any issues shooting Peacemaker's helmet?", followed by the even more pressing question, "How are you guys dealing with all the unwanted reflections?"

James Gunn was quick to answer, noting how much of a pain using the helmet is. In fact, Gunn reveals that they need to remove every crew member from the set for every shot that the helmet is used for.

"Peacemaker's helmet is a damn mirror ball, & we need to remove me & the crew from every single shot in which we use it, in the movie & in the show. We shoot a full wraparound plate of every set (most of which are fortunately practical) to put in the helmet when needed."

The full exchange can be seen below. 



It's interesting to not only think about how much of an issue that helmet is when filming, but more so that James Gunn must have known exactly what he was getting into at the moment he approved the concept art for the character. Though, some of the best things are products of blood, sweat, and tears.

So how much of Peacemaker can fans expect to see? Well, there's the Peacemaker series, which serves as a prequel to the character. While the show could go on for more than one season, it's impossible to know. Past that, obviously, audiences will witness Peacemaker's full glory in this year's The Suicide Squad. Will he make it out alive though?

James Gunn recently teased that fans may be getting a little overly optimistic when it comes to their predictions as to who will bite the dust. So while Gunn seems to love the character, that's certainly no guarantee that he will be alive come credits. Personally, I'm just hoping that King Shark makes it. 

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