Full Cast of Detective Forst on Netflix - Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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Detective Forst

Detective Forst joins Netflix's slowly expanding catalog of Polish crime dramas.

Based on the Forst book series by Polish author Remigiusz Mróz, Detective Forst follows Detective Wiktor Forst as he attempts to solve a series of grizzly murders in the Tatra Mountains alongside journalist Olga Szrebskaasda.

Detective Forst made its debut on Netflix on January 11.

Every Main Actor & Character in Detective Frost

Borys Szyc - Detective Wiktor Forst

Borys Szyc, Detective Forst, Detective Wiktor Forst, Netflix
Borys Szyc

Borys Szyc plays the titular detective, Wiktor Frost, who is determined to hunt down a deranged serial killer dubbed the Beast of Giewont.

Szyc has had a long career in Polish film and television, best known for his role in 2018's Cold War as Kaczmarek.

Andrzej Bienias - Edmund Osica

Andrzej Bienias, Edmund Osica, Detective Forst, Netflix
Andrzej Bienias

Frost's superior, Edmund Osica, is played by Andrzej Bienias, who is constantly frustrated by Frost's methods.

A theater actor since 1995, Bienias' career later extended to smaller television and film roles, with Detective Forst being his first big break.

Zuzanna Saporznikow - Olga Szrebska

Zuzanna Saporznikow, Olga Szrebska, Detective Forst, Netflix
Zuzanna Saporznikow

Olga Szrebska is a nosy independent reporter, played by Zuzanna Saporznikow, who helps Forst hunt down the killer.

Her earliest career was in theater, but she later helped provide dubs in Polish for foreign shows, such as voicing over Monica Rambeau in WandaVison.

Kamilla Baar - Dominika Wadryś Hansen

Kamilla Baar, Dominika Wadryś Hansen, Detective Forst, Netflix
Kamilla Baar

Prosecutor Dominika Wadryś Hansen is played by Kamilla Baar, who makes compromises for the sake of her family.

Baar had previously starred in Echo Serca (Echoheart), a Polish medical drama series.

Szymon Wróblewski - Staszek Kowalik

Szymon Wróblewski, Staszek Kowalik, Detective Forst, Netflix
Szymon Wróblewski

Szymon Wróblewski plays Forst's informant within the department, Staszek Kowalik.

Detective Forst isn't the first time Wróblewski has appeared in a Netflix Original, as he also starred in the Polish action film, Dzien Matki (Mother's Day).

Piotr Franasowicz - Karol Adamiak

Piotr Franasowicz, Karol Adamiak, Detective Forst, Netflix
Piotr Franasowicz

One of Forst's colleagues, Karol Adamiak, is played by Piotr Franasowicz, who has a one-sided rivalry with the detective.

Franasowicz's previous roles have ranged from minor appearances in Polish soap operas like Na dobre i na złe (For Better and For Worse) to the historical drama series Korona Królów (The Crown of the Kings).

Artur Barciś - Jarosław Rozwadowski

Artur Barciś, Jarosław Rozwadowski, Detective Forst, Netflix
Artur Barciś

Artur Barciś appears as Minister Jarosław Rozwadowski, whose son is one of the unfortunate victims.

Rozwadowski starred as Arkadiusz Czerepach in over 100 episodes of the Polish comedy series, Ranczo (The Ranch).

Aleksandra Grabowska - Agata Osica

Aleksandra Grabowska, Agata Osica, Detective Frost, Netflix
Aleksandra Grabowska

Aleksandra Grabowska plays the daughter of Edmund Osica, Agata Osica. She's also one of Forst's lovers in the series and struggles with drugs.

Like Franasowicz, Grabowska doesn't have many shows or films to her credit, but she did appear in almost two dozen episodes of Na dobre i na złe (For Better and For Worse).

Maciej Pesta - Gjord Hansen

Maciej Pesta, Gjord Hansen, Detective Forst, Netflix
Maciej Pesta

Maciej Pesta is the stoic husband of Dominika, Gjord Hansen, who worries over her work on the Beast of Giewont case.

Pesta starred in Korona Królów (The Crown of the Kings) alongside Franasowicz as Siemowit.

Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik - Halina Sznajderman

Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik. Halina Sznajderman, Halina, Detective Forst, Netflix
Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik

An old woman with a grudge, Halina Sznajderman, is played by Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik.

Hajewska starred in another Netflix Original drama series called Informacja Zwrotna (Feedback) as Jadzia Rustowicz.

Magdalena Dębicka - Frantiska

Magdalena Dębicka, Frantiska, Fran, Detective Forst, Netflix
Magdalena Dębicka

A friend of Forst's, Frantiska helps him investigate the killings and is played by Magdalena Dębicka.

Dębicka has only appeared in various minor roles in Polish television, such as Na dobre i na złe (For Better and For Worse) and Barwy Szczęścia (Colors of Happiness).

Mikołaj Kubacki - Piotr Sznajderman

Mikołaj Kubacki, Piotr Sznajderman, Detective Forst, Netflix
Mikołaj Kubacki

The meek son of Halina Sznajderman, played by Mikołaj Kubacki, has nothing but concern for his mother and her safety.

The young actor was the lead in the Polish horror film Apokawixa (It Came from the Water) and had minor appearances in television shows like Herkules and Der Usedom-Krimi (Baltic Crimes).

Krzysztof Łakomik - Jędrzej Lakomik

Krzysztof Łakomik, Jędrzej Lakomik, Detective Forst, Netflix
Krzysztof Łakomik

Jędrzej Lakomik plays the concerned father of Staszek, Jędrzej Lakomik.

The actor has few credits to his name, outside of an appearance in Netflix's Broad Peak and a few other minor appearances in films such as Zurek and Panna z mokra glowa (Miss Wet-Head).

Elżbieta Bielska - Nina Pieniak

Elżbieta Bielska, Nina Pieniak, Detective Forst, Netflix
Elżbieta Bielska

Edmund Osica's cheeky assistant, Nina Pieniak, is played by Elżbieta Bielska.

The actress has appeared in another Polish thriller series, Krucjata, as Mrs. Brygowa, along with a role in Netflix's Freestyle.

Jerzy Rogalski - Leon Lowotarski

Jerzy Rogalski, Leon Lowotarski, Detective Forst, Netflix
Jerzy Rogalski

Leon Lowotarski, played by Jerzy Rogalski, is a horrid man who blackmails and kills to maintain his criminal empire and locks horns with Forst.

Rogalski has appeared in various Polish television shows and TV movies over the decades, but his most prominent role was Lt. Waldemar Jaszczuk in the 07 zglos sie (07 Come In) crime series.

Detective Forst is now streaming on Netflix.

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