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The Manny's lead cast is anchored by the strong performances of veteran stars Sandra Echeverría and Iván Amozurrutia. 

The new comedy series from Netflix premiered on Sunday, December 24, exploring the love story of a high-ranking executive and a cowboy-turned-babysitter for her kids. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's The Manny

Sandra Echeverría - Jimena

Sandra Echeverría - Jimena in The Manny

Sandra Echeverría leads the cast of The Manny as Jimena. 

Jimena is a hardworking executive seeking the position of president of her company. After her divorce from her husband, Jimena has been struggling to keep things together while also taking care of her three kids. 

Making matters worse, the kids are not on good terms with all the nannies that have been hired to take care of them, leading to Jimena's hiring a male nanny which leads to a surprising love story. 

Echeverría is best known for his roles in Savages, La Usurpadora, and The Book of Life.

Iván Amozurrutia - Gabriel

Iván Amozurrutia - Gabriel in The Manny

Gabriel (played by Iván Amozurrutia) is the titular babysitter whom Jimena hires in the series. 

Aside from being a manny, Gabriel is also a charismatic cowboy who is good with kids. The male nanny then grows closer to the children and slowly becomes romantically entangled with Jimena.

Amozurrutia previously appeared in High Heat, The Five Juanas, and Fake Profile.

Diana Bovio - Brenda

Diana Bovio - Brenda in The Manny

Diana Bovio's Brenda is Jimena's co-worker and best friend who supports her every move in the company. 

Brenda also has a little crush on Gabriel, but she respects Jimena's feelings for her. 

Bovio is known for her roles in From Prada to Nada, All The Places, and How to Kill Mom.

José María Torre - Joaquín

José María Torre - Joaquín

Joaquin is Jimena's ex-husband who still tries to be better for his kids. The character is played on-screen by José María Torre. 

Despite being separated from Jimena, Joaquin has a history of getting back with her several times, thus leading to the former giving the latter a chance. 

After things don't work out with Jimena (again), Joaquin eventually moves on and finds a new girlfriend, and his kids don't like the idea. 

José María Torre's notable credits include Against the Wind, Daniel and Ana, and Marisol.

Anthony Giuletti- Leo

Anthony Giuletti- Leo in The Manny

Leo (played by Anthony Giuletti) is Jimena and Joaquin's youngest son. 

While Leo is a sweet boy inside, he occasionally plays pranks on the different nannies that her mom hires, but it all changes when Gabriel enters the picture. 

Giuletti is a rising star who had significant roles in Silent Night, Vecinos, and At Midnight

Alexander Tavizon - Santiago

Alexander Tavizon - Santiago in The Manny

Alexander Tavizon plays Santiago, Jimena's eldest son and Leo and Sofia's brother. 

Santiago consistently clashes with his sister, Sofia, but he seeks her advice when it comes to his problems with his girlfriend, Tania. 

Tavizon is known for his roles in El Niñero, Mi Querida Herencia, and Doña Flor y sus dos maridos

Cassandra Iturralde- Sofía

Cassandra Iturralde- Sofía in The Manny

Cassandra Iturralde is part of The Manny's cast as Sofia. 

Sofia is Jimena's daughter and Leo and Santiago's sister. While she is strong on the outside, Sofia also has issues that she chooses to keep to herself. 

Iturralde has credits in Diablero, Natural Born Narco, and El Rey, Vicente Fernandez.

Moisés Arizmendi - Rogelio

Moisés Arizmendi - Rogelio in The Manny

Moisés Arizmendi brings to life Rogelio in The Manny's cast.

Rogelio is Jimena's cousin and co-worker who also has his target's sight for the company's presidency. 

The Manny later confirms that Rogelio was taken in as an orphan by Ernesto when he was a kid, meaning that he will do whatever it takes to impress his stepdad.

Arizmendi is known for his roles in Against the Wind, The Marked Heart, and Crown of Tears.

Eugenio Montessoro - Ernesto

Eugenio Montessoro - Ernesto

Eugenio Montessoro brings Ernesto to life in The Manny

Ernesto is Jimena's father and the president of the company she's working in. He is about to retire, but he has yet to choose between Jimena and Rogelio on who is taking over after him. 

Montessoro has credits in Nicotina, Quiéreme Tonto, and Vencer el pasado.

Sofia Diaz - Mitch

Sofia Diaz - Mitch

Sofia Diaz joins the cast of Netflix's The Manny as Mitch, Joaquin's new girlfriend. 

Jimena and her kids hate Mitch, mainly because they think they stole Joaquin from their lives. 

Diaz previously appeared in The Five Juanas, Encrucijada, and The War Next Door.

Alfredo Huereca - Julio

Alfredo Huereca - Julio

Julio (played by Alfredo Huereca) is Gabriel's father who kicks him out after a family issue that went overboard. 

It is eventually revealed that Gabriel is the son of a ranch owner who is at the center of a scam being spearheaded by Rogelio (Jimena's rival in the company). 

Fans may recognize Huereca due to his appearances in Cadena Perpetua, Cosita Linda, and Eva La Trailera.

Maru Bravo - Romina

Maru Bravo - Romina

Maru Bravo is part of The Manny's cast as Romina.

Romina is Gabriel's godmother and Jimena's former nanny. 

While Jimena's kids hate the other nannies, they all love Romina due to her caring personality. However, she decides to leave to pursue her dream of launching her store in the local market.

Bravo has credits in The Return, The Inmate, and Pact of Silence.

The Manny is now streaming on Netflix.

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