Full Cast of Griselda Blanco Show on Netflix - Every Main Actor In Sofia Vergara Series (Photos)

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Sofia Vergara transforms into a crime boss alongside a gritty cast in Netflix's Griselda.

The thrilling new series is based on the rise and fall of real-life cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco. 

Griselda premiered on Netflix on January 25. 

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Griselda

Sofía Vergara - Griselda Blanco

Sofía Vergara as Griselda Blanco
Sofía Vergara 

Sofía Vergara brings Griselda Blanco to life in the limited series.

Blanco is a Colombian drug lord who became prominent in the Miami underbelly starting in the 1970s. She has a variety of nicknames, such as the Black Widow and the Cocaine Godmother.  

The series showcases how the ruthless and tenacious criminal rose to power, her evil schemes, and many double-crossings.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Vergara noted that it was "a very interesting character:"

"We didn't want to romanticize her or make her a hero, because she wasn't. But no matter what anyone says, this was a very interesting character."

Vergara is best known for her role as Gloria Pritchett in 11 seasons of Modern Family. The actress also has credits in Hot Pursuit, Chef, and Wild Card

Alberto Guerra - Darío Sepúlveda

Alberto Guerra as Dario Sepulveda
Alberto Guerra

Darío Sepúlveda (played by Alberto Guerra) is Griselda Blanco's third husband whom she married in 1978. 

They have a son named Michael Corleone Blanco. Together, they settled in Miami in 1978, leading to Griselda's takeover of the city's underbelly. 

Before marrying Griselda, Dario was an associate of her rival, Fernando. He eventually saved her from an assassination attempt, betraying his former boss. 

Guerra's notable credits include El Refugio, Cassandro, and Don't Open the Door.

Vanessa Ferlito - Carmen

Vanessa Ferlito as Carmen
Vanessa Ferlito

Carmen (played by Vanessa Ferlito) is Griselda's friend in Miami who helps her hide from the police and sell her remaining cocaine. 

The pair's friendship takes a turn in Episode 5 when Griselda almost kills Carmen after she suspects her of being an informant for the police. 

Ferlito previously appeared in Death Proof, Grindhouse, and NCIS: New Orleans.

Martin Rodriguez - Rivi Ayala

Martin Rodriguez as Rivi Ayala
Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez's Rivi Ayala is Griselda's loyal righthand man and hitman for her cartel. 

The menacing killer is known for his intimidating persona and ruthless attitude. He is the go-to person to call when Griselda wants someone killed. 

In Episode 5, Ayala shows what he can do when he murders all the potential informants within Griselda's circle. 

Rodriguez is known for his roles in Time and the Wind, Zanahoria, and El Cuatro de Leo.

Alberto Ammann - Alberto Bravo

Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo
Alberto Ammann

Alberto Ammann joins Griselda's cast as Alberto Bravo. 

Bravo is Griselda's second husband who helped her establish her cocaine cartel in America. In Episode 1, Bravo was killed by Griselda after a disagreement over their rising business. 

Ammann has credits in Cell 211, Upon Entry, and Narcos.

Christian Tappan - Arturo Mesa

Christian Tappan as Arturo Mesa
Christian Tappan

Arturo Mesa is Griselda's accountant and close friend. The character is portrayed on-screen by Christian Tappan. 

Mesa is one of the pillars of Griselda's cocaine business before being killed by her other rival, Rafa Salazar. 

Tappan has over 40 credits to his name, appearing in It Was Always Me, The Great Heist, and The Five Juanas

Diego Trujillo - German Panesso

Diego Trujillo as German Panesso
Diego Trujillo

Diego Trujillo joins the cast of Griselda as German Panesso. 

Panesso is Griselda's newfound business partner in Miami who later betrays her after the police swoop in to derail one of their transactions. 

Trujillo is known for his roles in Proof of Life, Los Reyes, and Perro Amor.

Paulina Dávila - Isabel

Paulina Dávila as Isabel
Paulina Dávila

Isabel (played by Paulina Dávila) is Griselda's friend in Miami who helps her with her new cocaine drug trade in the city by bringing in a plethora of sex workers.

Dávila's notable credits include The Deal, El Comandante, and Ana.

Gabriel Sloyer - Raul Diaz

Gabriel Sloyer as Raul Diaz
Gabriel Sloyer

Gabriel Sloyer plays Raul Diaz, one of the detectives tasked to bring down Griselda and her drug trade in Miami. 

He is the head of a drug enforcement administration called CENTAC and is also responsible for recruiting June Hawkins into the team.

Red Dead Redemption II fans may recognize Sloyer for voicing Javier Escuella in the hit video game. The actor also appeared in Inventing Anna, Power, and Last Ferry.

Juliana Aidén Martinez - June Hawkins

Juliana Aidén Martinez as June Hawkins
Juliana Aidén Martinez

Juliana Aidén Martinez plays June Hawkins, an intelligence analyst from the Miami Police Department who works with Raul Diaz to investigate and capture Griselda Blanco. 

Working in an all-male squad is quite a challenge for Hawkins, but she works hard to prove she can be as formidable and relentless as Griselda. 

Martinez has credits in episodes of The Blacklist, The Bodega, and Prodigal Son.

José Zúñiga - Amilcar

José Zúñiga as Amilcar
José Zúñiga

José Zúñiga's Amilcar is one of Griselda's rival drug dealers who gives her a hard time.

Episode 1 highlights how Griselda became Amilcar's new supplier, but this new deal is short-lived when he betrayed her by including her in the blacklist for the drug trade.

Zúñiga played Mr. Molina in Twilight. The actor also appeared in Alive, Next, and The Dark Tower.

Karol G - Carla

Karol G as Carla
Karol G

Serving as a newcomer to Griselda's life story is Karol G as Carla. The character was created for the Netflix show. 

As a former sex worker, Carla ultimately becomes one of Griselda's loyal allies, with her joining the list of the few people she can trust.

Karol G is a Colombian singer and songwriter known for her hit singles such as "Ahora Me Llama," "Mi Cama," and "Culpables."

Julieth Restrepo - Marta Ochoa

Julieth Restrepo as Marta Ochoa
Julieth Restrepo

Marta Ochoa (played by Julieth Restrepo) is Rafa Salazar's girlfriend and the sister of the Ochoa brothers who are the heads of the Medellin cocaine trafficking cartel. 

Restrepo previously appeared in Loving Pablo, Doble, and La Promesa.

Maximiliano Hernández - Papo Mejia

Maximiliano Hernández as Papo Mejia
Maximiliano Hernández 

Maximiliano Hernández joins the cast as Papo Mejia. 

Mejia is Amilcar's original supplier and is also the one who initially tries to halt Griselda's drug-related operations in Episode 2. 

MCU fans may recognize Hernández due to his portrayal of SHIELD (Hydra) agent Jasper Sitwell from the Infinity Saga. The actor also has credits in Sicario, Warrior, and SEAL Team.

Camilo Jiménez Varón - Rafa Salazar

Camilo Jiménez Varón as Rafa Salazar
Camilo Jiménez Varón

Rafa Salazar is one of Griselda's longtime rivals who works under the umbrella of the Ochoa family's drug trade, the largest cocaine supplier from Colombia.

Rafa and Griselda have a variety of clashes throughout the season, with the former even killing the latter's accountant to prove that he is not a guy to be messed with. 

Jiménez Varón is known for his roles in Thousand Fans, Wild District, and Las Pasantes.

Martin Fajardo - Ozzy

Martin Fajardo as Ozzy
Martin Fajardo

Martin Fajardo is part of Griselda's cast as Ozzy. 

Ozzy Orlando Pineda, also known as Osvaldo, is Griselda's youngest son who was killed in a nightclub. 

Fajardo is a rising star who appeared in Now and Then, Bunk'd, and A Really Haunted Loud House.

Orlando Pineda - Dixon

Orlando Pineda as Dixon
Orlando Pineda

Dixon is Griselda's eldest son who is loyal to his mother. Orlando Pineda plays the character. 

Dixon is tragically killed by one of Griselda's enemies while walking to his car.

Pineda has an impressive list of credits, with appearances in Narcos: Mexico, The Infiltrators, and Seven Rounds.

Jose Velazquez - Uber

Jose Velazquez as Uber
Jose Velazquez

Uber (played by Jose Velazquez) is Griselda's middle son who was also killed during a drug deal in Colombia. 

Velasquez appeared in all six episodes of Action Royale as Arlo. The actor also has credits in The Rookie, The Wilds, and Into the Dark.

Wilmer Calderon - Johnny

Wilmer Calderon as Johnny
Wilmer Calderon

Wilmer Calderon plays Johnny, Amilcar's associate who betrays Griselda during a drug trade. 

He initially helped the Cocaine Godmother negotiate with another rival drug lord, Eddie "The Bird" Rancon in Episode 1.

Calderon previously appeared in two episodes of Agents of SHIELD as Idaho. The actor is also known for Fast & Furious, Cursed, and Unknown.

All episodes of Griselda are now streaming on Netflix.

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