Will Detective Forst Season 2 Happen? Lead Actor Teases Series' Future

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Detective Forst

Netflix's Detective Forst actor Borys Szyc teased that the series has yet to reveal more about the character, hinting that a Season 2 could be in the cards. 

The Polish Netflix series ended on a massive cliffhanger as Forst failed to save several people from the Beast of Giewont, including Edmund Osica's daughters Agata and Nina. 

Making matters worse, Detective Forst also revealed that Olga Szrebskaasda, the journalist who had been working with the titular character, betrayed him. The season ended with Frost inside Nina's house, not confirming if he would be arrested or if he escaped. 

Will Detective Forst Be Renewed for Season 2?

Speaking in an interview with Dziennik, Detective Forst actor Borys Szyc talked about the potential of seeing a Season 2 for Netflix's Polish series. 

Szyc was first asked if he finds broken heroes interesting, to which he responded by saying that he prefers to "watch someone who is struggling with something:"

“We like to surround ourselves with predictable and nice people in life, or at least I do. On the other hand, on-screen I prefer to watch someone who is struggling with something, who is having a difficult time, and whom we support despite everything."

The Polish actor then talked about how they "couldn't include everything" about Forst in the first season, describing the show's initial six-episode run as "just the entrée to this story" while also teasing that fans have yet to find out more about the titular character: 

"We can watch the hero learn something or keep making the same mistakes. Then we say: what an idiot, he could finally learn something in life. Forst is a bit of this, a bit of that. We couldn’t include everything in six episodes, because that’s how long the first season is. For me, this is just the entrée to this story. We are trying to outline his fate, but we certainly haven’t told everything about him yet."

Szyc then laid out what issues surround Forst that are integral, acknowledging the fact that the character is "afraid of confrontation with himself:"

"However, we know that he is a police outlaw. It’s difficult to live with him, and work with him, and it will probably be even more difficult for him to solve the crime. And there is certainly a fate hanging over it that can be called a thing of the past. He’s still running away from her, but she’s hot on his heels. And as is usually the case, if you don’t confront something, it will catch up with you sooner or later. Forst is afraid of confrontation with himself.”

What to Expect in Detective Forst Season 2

Borys Szyc's latest comments about a potential Detective Forst Season 2 make sense, considering that there is more to unpack about Wiktor Forst. 

The debut season showed a lot of Forst's interesting traits, such as his determination, wit, strength, and passion to help others. 

However, the series also pulled the curtain down on some of his negative qualities like being afraid of confrontation and running away from problems that are too close to be solved. 

Given that Detective Forst's initial run was mainly a cat-and-mouse chase between Wiktor and the Beast of Giewont, a possible Season 2 could dive into the personal history of the titular character, unpacking his past and his growth through the years. 

Detective Forst is also based on the Forst books by Remigiusz Mroz, with the debut season tackling the first two books. Season 2 could explore Forst's story in Books 3 and 4, namely Trawers and Deniwelacja. 

Trawers revolves around solving a murder in the Red Wierchy while Deniwelacja tells the story of Forst as a commissioner while unpacking a murder mystery in Zakopane. 

While the two books introduce new threats and characters to the world of Forst, the immediate resolution that Season 2 needs to address is Olga's betrayal and the titular character's possible prison time.

Detective Forst is available to stream on Netflix. 

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