WandaVision Stunt Doubles Hint at More Filming to Come

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Elizabeth Olsen on left, with Wanda and Vision on right

Just as it was initially reported several months back, it seems like Marvel Studios does fully intend on productions beginning again in September. For instance, crew began returning to the set of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to finish construction, which was followed by multiple actors returning to set too, including star Simu Liu.

While it seems more than likely that shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have its release delayed to 2021, production looks to be gearing up to begin again for all other shows, including WandaVision. In fact, production may be starting sooner than September if Instagram posts by the stunt actors for the show are any indication.


A dedicated Scarlet Witch fan discovered that Elizabeth Olsen's stunt double, C.C. Ice, made an Instagram post alluding to her resuming production on an Avengers related project. While not outright stated, it can be inferred that the stunt actor is referring to WandaVision.

Additionally, another stunt actor by the name of Janeshia Adams-Ginyard made a similar post about returning to work after her last project was halted due to the coronavirus. This is significant because she is the stunt double of Teyonah Parris, who plays Monica in Wandavision.

Adams-Ginyard also made another post immediately afterward with an ice cream truck. Writer of Murphy's Multiverse, Lizzie Hill, determined that ice cream truck is based in L.A., which narrows her shooting location to California, where WandaVision was shooting before the pandemic stopped everything.

In fact, Lizzie Hill also made a comment on Adams-Ginyard's Instagram post, asking if this was for WandaVision, and her comment was deleted.


All fans know for sure about WandaVision is that it involves the remaining Maximoff twin creating alternate, happier worlds for herself where Vision is alive. They're also worlds supposedly inspired by popular American sitcoms over the decades.

However, fans can't forget that while a big chunk of the series will have been shoot in front of a live-studio audience, the latter half would be a typical MCU blockbuster they are accustomed to seeing in theaters. This could be why these two stunt actors will be required for the final weeks of shooting. 

In particular, C.C. Ice will more than likely be shooting scenes relating to the previously reported witch's coven action scene. These scenes will likely involve Scarlet Witch fighting the coven, perhaps alongside Monica.

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