MCU Writer Teases Tragedy Levels of Chris Hemsworth's Thor Episode In What If

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The upcoming episode for What If...? will revolve around a Variant of Thor voiced by Chris Hemsworth, dubbed "Party Thor" in merchandise for the show.

Early rumors indicated that the episode would revolve around a more festive and less humbled Thor who goes to Earth to host a world-ending party.

With a name like "Party Thor," surely this episode won't end with everyone dying, too. Thankfully, an executive producer for the show has reassured fans that this episode won't be nearly as traumatic for fans as another.

Thor's Party Ending in Disaster?

Head writer and executive producer of What If...? A.C. Bradley Tweeted in response to the latest What If...? poster of Chris Hemsworth's animated Thor, saying, "I swear it's slightly less tragic than Doctor Strange."

The poster, as seen below, shows a beardless Thor pointing Mjolnir confidently as he wears an entirely new outfit never before seen in the MCU. He is adorned with a gold accent instead of silver, has bare arms to show off his muscles, and even a popped collar for his flowing red cape.

What If...? Thor Poster
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Less Tragedy Doesn't Mean No Tragedy

Again, Bradley didn't Tweet that there wouldn't be any tragedy in this episode, only that it would be "less tragic" than the one where Doctor Strange kills his entire universe trying to save the love of his life only to be left to suffer the consequences of his actions.

So, for all fans know, this less noble Thor could still end up destroying the Earth with his galactic party, something that would certainly be "less tragic" than the Sorcerer Supreme destroying all life that ever existed. Audiences have certainly noticed a trend with these episodes ending on sour notes, such as Loki taking over the Earth with the original Avengers dead or a zombified Thanos in possession of five Infinity Stones.

These kinds of endings are actually incredibly common with the What If...? comics, either ending with a joke or a downer ending.

Fans will find out for sure how much they'll be hurt when they see the next episode of What If...? on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

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