Ms. Marvel Disney+: Evidence Hints at New Superpowers For MCU's Kamala Khan

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
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It has been apparent since the first set photos for Ms. Marvel leaked that the origin story for Kamala Khan would be changed. Instead of sneaking off to a normal party at night like the comics, she would instead be sneaking out with Bruno to attend AvengerCon while wearing a Captain Marvel costume.

A new leak for the show points to an even greater deviation from the character in the comics by giving her a new superpower.

The leak itself should be taken with a grain of salt, but the mounting evidence backing it up points to at least part of it being true...


Several months ago, director Bilall Fallah for Ms. Marvel posted a drawing of Kamala Khan in her superhero costume on Instagram. Before it disappeared, one fan managed to save it.

Ms. Marvel Drawing Costume
Bilall Fallah

Fans pointed out multiple costume changes from the comics, including her new converse shoes and, most interestingly, her purple scarf, which has always been red in the comics. The latter was a source of confusion for fans, with some even thinking Fallah made a mistake coloring it.

The reason this drawing has become much more relevant is due to a recent leak on 4chan. The website is far from a trustworthy source and gets things wrong constantly, but one piece of information made Fallah's innocent drawing relevant, along with other set photos.

4chan Ms. Marvel Leak

The new “leak” claimed that Kamala Khan would still be Inhuman, but no one from the Inhuman Royal Family would appear on the show, including Lockjaw. Additionally, N.I.C.E. would be an organization introduced to detain Inhumans with Alysia Ryner's character leading the group. Presumably, Rish Shah, who plays Kamran, will be the show's main villain as an Inhuman unable to control his new powers.

By far, the biggest piece of news from this leak was that Kamala Khan would have other powers on top of her stretching ones from the comics. She will now apparently be able to project purple constructs from the bangles on her wrist into things like shields and daggers. It could explain Kamala's new purple scarf as it might relate to these new powers.

Recent concept art that leaked showed Kamala with a red scarf, not purple. However, this design could have easily changed before filming began.


Presumably, these “purple constructs” are meant to be some kind of hard light constructs similar to Green Lantern's powers. Looking back at past set photos gives more credence to this leak as there is some distinctive purple lighting seen in one set photo posted by Fallah.

Ms. Marvel Set Photo Purple Light
@fallahbilall via Instagram

This lighting is meant to replicate the lighting these powers would produce, but there's also a storyboard showing Kamala Khan seemingly surrounded by a purple aura of some kind, too.

Ms. Marvel Purple Aura
@fallahbilall via Instagram

It is unknown why Marvel Studios would decide to give Kamala this additional superpower. One explanation could be that in order to save on budget, they gave Kamala this new power so that she wouldn't be forced to use her stretching powers for every action scene.

Another possible reason is so that Kamala is able to fight alongside much more powerful heroes like Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2. This would be disappointing since one of the appeals of Kamala is that she isn't like other larger-than-life heroes. If this new leak does turn out to be true, hopefully, Marvel Studios won't end up drastically changing Kamala as a character.

Ms. Marvel is currently scheduled to release on Disney+ in late 2021.

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