Ms. Marvel Director Leaks Blurry Image of Kamala Khan's MCU Costume

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Marvel Studios is deep into the process of bringing Phase 4 of the MCU to theaters and Disney+. This includes the debut solo series for Kamala Khan, with Ms. Marvel set to arrive on Disney+ in late 2021.

Filming is currently underway, although no details pertaining to the plot have released at this point. Most recently, Laurel Marsden was officially announced as a part of the cast while director Billal Fallah confirmed his involvement with a social media post from the set of the Disney+ series.

Another social media blast has just arrived from Fallah - one which may have shown more than he intended upon posting it.


In a new Instagram story, Ms. Marvel director Billal Fallah shared an image from the show’s set praising the heat lamps used during a recent night shoot.

Billal Fallah Instagram
@fallahbilall via Instagram

In the background of this image are what appear to be storyboard images for a Ms. Marvel action sequence. Most of the images are too blurry to decipher what are in them, although the one near the bottom (bottom-right of the image below) provides a very low-res look at Kamala Khan suited up and ready for action.

Billal Fallah Instagram
@fallahbilall via Instagram


While Billal Fallah almost certainly did not intend to share storyboard images from his new project, especially on accident, it's fortunate on his end that most of the material is indistinguishable. Most of it looks like some action shots mapped out, although the image of Kamala suited up looks to be quite exciting, even as blurry as it is.

Only a few seconds of footage from the show has been released at this time thanks to the short sizzle reel that debuted at Disney Investor Day. None of the clips included in this reel show Kamala using her powers yet, nor do the few set photos that have leaked over the last few weeks.

Coming in as one of the youngest heroes in the MCU, Kamala's journey will give MCU fans a new perspective into everything that's happened after the events of the Infinity Saga . As she evolves into a hero and manages superhero endeavors alongside her family life, Kamala's journey will be something fresh in likely the first of multiple projects featuring her in the expansive franchise.

Ms. Marvel is currently filming and will release on Disney+ in late 2021.

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