Ms. Marvel Disney+: New Photos Show Kamala Khan With Mask on MCU Wrap Gifts

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Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Mask

After a short delay for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney and Marvel Studios are set to continue their efforts with the franchise in just under a month when Loki debuts on Disney+. Three more Disney+ exclusives will make their way to fans in the next few months as well, including the long-awaited introduction for Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel.

2021's fifth streaming show has barely had any leaks, especially with regard to plot details, but Iman Vellani is already building up serious hype for her MCU debut. The series filmed for the better part of six months before seemingly wrapping in Thailand a few days ago, although fans have only seen a few seconds of footage thus far featuring the leading lady.

The hope is that this will change in the near future, especially taking into account the latest social media update from the inside.


Ms Marvel Kamala Khan comics logo

Two Instagram posts from Thai camera operator Wattana Kuosong showed off multiple wrap gifts given to the production crew behind Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel, coming to Disney+ in late 2021. 


A post shared by Wattana Kuosong (@mumu_1ac)

Included in the bundle are a patch, a wristband, a pair of yellow-and-white Sketchers sneakers, and four T-shirts with various Ms. Marvel designs and title cards. One of them includes an art piece of Kamala Khan wearing a mask, camera in hand, to acknowledge how 100% of the production was done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The translated caption of Kuosong's post reads: 

# First movie of the year #Many souvenirs #Get a lot of work # Tired # Thank you all department #Thank you good opportunity #Thank you kind adult #Thank you Livingfilm # Thank you good teammates #Thanks # Thank you to the person behind the success. # Still open to receive more in case anyone wants to send to 😁😁😁 #msmarvel


A post shared by Wattana Kuosong (@mumu_1ac)

Also included in the set are a picture frame, a small collectible truck, and a clapperboard with a logo that reads Jersey. This likely pays tribute to Kamala Khan's home state of New Jersey.


It's still unclear if Ms. Marvel has more footage that still needs to be shot, but it's highly likely that this task is closer to the end than the beginning. With the timeline for completion on this Disney+ series still unclear, it will likely be some time before fans hear anything definitive surrounding official material releasing.

Regardless of that timeline, these gifts look to be quite the collectible items for people who worked so hard to bring this new adventure to life for the MCU. Kamala Khan will be the first character in MCU history to be introduced via the Disney+ medium, and it's clear that Marvel Studios is intent on making sure her arrival is done the right way.

Extra excitement is building as well knowing that Iman Vellani will move from this series into the newly-titled The Marvels alongside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris. Her solo series should set her up as a formidable hero even in her youth, and fans are already picturing the day she stands alongside Captain Marvel and Photon in just about 18 months.

Ms. Marvel is set to arrive on Disney+ sometime in late 2021.

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