Ms. Marvel Disney+: New Merch Teases Kamala Khan's Very Different MCU Powers

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Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Disney Plus

It’s been a big year for Marvel on Disney+ with the release of WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If..?, and the upcoming Hawkeye.

The next show that is expected to release in 2022 is Ms. Marvel, which will introduce teenage superhero Kamala Khan to the world. The Disney+ show will play an important part in the MCU as it paves the way for Kamala Khan to join her idol Captain Marvel in the upcoming sequel The Marvels.
Not much is known about Ms. Marvel's origin series at this stage, but one point of interest has been how the MCU will portray her superpowers. In the comics, Kamala Khan has traditionally been gifted with embiggening and elastic abilities, but it looks like the Disney+ show may be altering this.

New Ms. Marvel Merchandise Teases Disney+ Show

Two new images of Ms. Marvel licensed merchandise have appeared online via Pyramid International.

One is a poster, titled "Ms. Marvel (Crystal Smash)," that shows Kamala Khan in costume as Ms. Marvel with her new powers on display.

Ms Marvel Poster Merchandise

The second is a badge pack titled 'Ms. Marvel (Hero With Heart)' featuring 5 new badge designs from the Disney+ show.

Ms Marvel badge merchandise

The main middle badge features a close-up of Kamla with an artistically stylized costume and background:

Ms Marvel badge 1

Another badge emphasizes the love for Kamala Khan, featuring the campaign-like slogan "I ❤️ Kamala":

Ms Marvel badge 1


Ms. Marvel's New MCU Powers

Ms Marvel comic Cover
Marvel Comics

Given what's been released about Ms. Marvel so far seems it seems all but confirmed that Marvel Studios is shaking up Kamala Khan's superpowers. It appears that they will more closely resemble Green Lantern's construct-type powers rather than the elasticity the character uses in the comics.

It's unclear why this decision has been made, but it could come down to a number of factors like budget and story or perhaps Marvel wants to make Ms. Marvel's powers more photon-like in nature to line up with the abilities of Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel in The Marvels.

The badge merchandise also gives hints of the style and themes of the new Disney+ show. Kamala Khan is a known superhero fan and teaser footage has shown how much she enjoys paying tribute to her favorite heroes. It seems the sketchbook style is something that will be a hallmark throughout the show.

Given Kamala Khan is a teenager, it's expected Ms. Marvel will be more of a young-adult friendly show dealing with coming-of-age themes like family and friendship, and the merchandise so far definitely seems on-brand with that style.

Ms. Marvel will release on Disney+ in 2022.

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