Ms. Marvel Footage Easter Eggs: Avengers Convention & Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Presence Teased

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Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel logo, Avengers Endgame poster

Ms. Marvel didn't receive a trailer at Disney's Investor Day 2020, which isn't a surprise with it still being well into filming. However, Marvel Studios showed fans a sizzle reel filled with interviews and even short excerpts from some of what they've filmed so far. It is incredibly brief, showing glimpses of Kamala's home life and hanging out with Bruno at the Circle Q. She is even seen putting together her Captain Marvel, the same one that Iman was seen wearing on set as she snuck out of her house with Bruno.

At first, many fans believed that due to filming taking place in fall, that this may have been for a Halloween gathering, but this sizzle reel for Ms. Marvel made the purpose of the costume very clear. Additionally, the trailer also hinted at Carol Danvers' presence on Earth in the five-year time gap and that she may have stuck around Earth longer than fans expected.

Captain Marvel Posters

Just after the camera finishes tracking Kamala flopping onto her bed, the lens refocuses to the wall full of pictures and posters of Captain Marvel. Two of these artworks will immediately pop out as familiar to fans of the comics.

Ms Marvel scene
Ms. Marvel

The smaller poster on the left of the wall that shows Carol Danvers wearing her helmet and sporting her stylist mohawk, left arm stretched outward as she flies, is actually a cover from one of the comics illustrated by David Lopez, specifically Issue #3 of Captain Marvel (2014). The issue also starred The Guardians of the Galaxy, who were included on the cover.

However, the poster differs from the original comic cover in simple and small ways, such as removing the comic title, accompanying credits at the bottom of the cover, and of course, the Guardians.

Captain Marvel (2014) Cover Issue #3
Captain Marvel (2014) — Issue #3

The next, larger poster to the right isn't even a comic cover, but an entire page from Issue #4 of Captain Marvel (2016) with art from Kris Anka & Felipe Smith. In this issue, she sported her shorter haircut, but at this point had ditched the helmet. The poster removed a lot from the original comic page, most obvious of which being the speech and thought bubbles and the Earth and Alpha Flight station in the background.

It also seems like the comic page was further altered, by giving Carol a subtle yellow glow around her hair, but a very prominent glow around her fists like the movies. The surrounding ships, which in the comics belonged to Alpha Flight, are likely just meant to be generic spaceships in the poster.

What's interesting about these two posters is that it's quite possibly the first time Marvel Studios has ever used official artwork from the comics in one of their productions.

Captain Marvel Spread (2016) Issue #3
Captain Marvel (2016) — Issue #4

Lastly, there seems to be an actual photo of Carol Danvers, above the first poster, in her binary form. It is difficult to discern at a glance, but Carol is very clearly wearing her costume from Captain Marvel, as the red is covering the top half of her costume, while everything below is blue. This indicates that this suit is not her Avengers: Endgame costume, which is essentially the reverse.

It seems abundantly clear that Brie Larson's Carol Danvers stuck around on Earth in the five-year time skip long enough for her first costume to have entered the cultural zeitgeist and Kamala to have two posters of it. Otherwise, if Danvers only just recently returned to Earth, no one would know what her first costume looked like and for it to have endured for so long. In fact, Kamala not having any posters of Carol's latest costume and wearing it as cosplay points to it being relatively new to the public.

Kamala's Elaborate Chalkboard Plan

By far, the most telling part of the sizzle reel is when it shows Kamala Khan in front of a chalkboard filled with a plethora of details. At a glance, it's a tad confusing and seems to be just a bunch of cutesy drawings by Kamala, but when examined, it's actually a planned sequence of events.

Ms Marvel scene
Ms. Marvel

The top left of the image shows what appears to be Kamala, in her Captain Marvel costume, jumping from her bedroom window and swinging on her tree just outside it. A few notes are surrounding it, but the most important is that this is meant to happen at 5:55 pm. However, looking just above the drawing of her window, there's an arrow pointing to it, indicating that there's a step before this.

Most of the left steps aren't visible, but Kamala will then meet up with a “cool guy” holding what looks like two bicycles. Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse proposed that this “cool guy” could be a drawing of Maximus, the brother of Black Bolt, due to the striking resemblance to his modern comic book costume. However, this is likely to be Bruno wearing his Bruce Banner cosplay and bringing Kamala their bikes.

It then notes that they both have to “race to the bus” by 6:15 pm to make it to AvengerCon, which would explain both them dressing up as Avengers, or at least superheroes affiliated with them.

Ms Marvel scene
Ms. Marvel

When Kamala moves out of the way, the right side of the board can be seen with the next set of instructions pointing to a trophy, with the step afterwards reading “win & save the world.” This crucial step is also accompanied by a drawing of a tentacle. It likely means that Kamala intends to win that trophy at AvengerCon, possibly for a costume contest, explaining her elaborate Captain Marvel suit. Kamala and Bruno are also seen high-fiving over the Captain Marvel helmet in the sizzle reel, further supporting this.

Finally, Kamala's plan seems to end with her making it back home in time before her father checks on her in the morning at the oddly specific time of 9:22 am.

Fans familiar with Kamala Khan and her origin know that she snuck out to go to a party. but was subsequently caught within the Terrigen Mist circling the Earth. This triggered her latent Inhuman gene and underwent Terrigenesis, leading to her developing her stretching and shapeshifting powers. It is entirely likely that during this attempt to go to AvengerCon, Kamala will undergo Terrigenesis somehow to awaken her powers.

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