Ms. Marvel Disney+ Set Photos Reveal Familiar Locations From Marvel Comics

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Ms. Marvel, Circle Q, Jersey City

The Disney+ series Ms. Marvel from Marvel Studios has finally kicked off production in the last couple weeks, allowing for a number of set photos making their way onto the internet for fans to gaze upon. Showing off the very first looks at new starring actress Iman Vellani, both in her everyday clothes and in her own Captain Marvel-inspired costume , this is already set up to be one of the most exciting new projects Marvel Studios has to offer the next couple of years.

Filming for the series still has at least four months left in Atlanta before post-production starts, but the pictures that have already arrived are enough to bring so much excitement to the entire fan base. Another one of these leaks has just hit social media, confirming even more of the comic lore that Ms. Marvel will delve into.


Four new posts from the @atlanta_filming Instagram account reveal images from the set of Ms. Marvel confirming the sets for both Circle Q and Jersey City, two of the most iconic locations from the Ms. Marvel comic run. All four photos can be seen below:

Circle Q convenience store

...a popular location seen in many Ms. Marvel comics:

Ms. Marvel Circle Q
Marvel Comics

Outside park in Jersey City

A sign indicating Jersey City

The alleyways of Jersey City


These four photos confirm that Marvel is taking every step necessary to tell Kamala Khan’s MCU story accurately from the comics. Jersey City is Kamala’s hometown while Circle Q is a local convenience store that the young hero has used on multiple occasions in the comics as her unofficial headquarters as Ms. Marvel. The shoot is also working under "Circle Q Productions," which is a nice off-screen connection to this important on-screen venue.

There is still no word as to how long it will take Kamala to gain her superpowers in her first ever live-action project, but it’s great to see that she will be settling down and making a name for herself similarly to how she does in the pages of Marvel comics. The series is set to mainly focus on her living as a young hero and figuring out how to balance her family and friend life as both a teenager and hero.

Ms. Marvel is in its early stages of filming in Atlanta before its anticipated premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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