Captain Marvel 2: New Logo Spotlights 3 MCU Superheroes

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The year 2021 has been huge for MCU fans due to three successful Disney+ series and Black Widow, but Marvel Studios is just getting started as more shows and films are slated to release this year.

Fortunately, this embarrassment of riches looks to continue into 2022, with one of those theatrical projects being The Marvels. The sequel to 2019's Captain Marvel won't only continue Carol Danvers' story, but also that of new Phase 4 heroes — Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau

The title The Marvels was revealed in a sizzle reel released earlier this year with a logo referencing all three of the now-ensemble film's leads.

However, that logo was later changed with its original orange burst of light exchanged for that of a cosmic blue, and the Spectrum symbol — a nod to Monica Rambeau's possible persona — made to be transparent.

The Marvels Logo

However, that isn't the only new logo for The Marvels that fans will see.


An image has surfaced online showing off an updated symbol for The Marvels that combines the logos of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau (Spectrum).

The Marvels

The inclusion of Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau in the Captain Marvel sequel was confirmed during Disney's Investor Day event in December 2020.

Fans were first introduced to a young version of Monica Rambeau in the original Captain Marvel, before Teyonah Parris portrayed her as an adult in WandaVision earlier this year. 

During the Disney+ series, Rambeau appeared to receive her abilities from crossing back and forth between her reality and that of Wanda Maximoff's sitcom-simulated Hex, with hints that she could take on the comic book persona of Spectrum. 

Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel is a brand-new character who's set to make her MCU debut in her own Disney+ series Ms. Marvel later this year. 


Whether Marvel Studios always intended for Captain Marvel 2 to become an ensemble film is unknown. While Captain Marvel performed well at the box office, it wasn't as universally beloved by the fan base as other MCU origin stories have been.

Another unknown is Monica Rambeau's superhero persona. While Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel contain the "Marvel" moniker, Monica Rambeau's possible Spectrum persona does not.

However, it is worth mentioning that Monica was known as Captain Marvel in the comics at one time. 

Still, Marvel's new logos for The Marvels convey an intentional effort in equally focusing on the three leads, showing that this isn't just Captain Marvel's movie and that the two new MCU heroines will be front and center.

How these three female leads will team up and work together is unknown, especially considering Ms. Marvel is a teenager and Monica Rambeau hinted at complications between her and her Aunt Carol

Fans are likely to learn more of what to expect from this 2022 film in Ms. Marvel on Disney+ later this year. 

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