Marvel's Eternals Star Opens Up About Angelina Jolie's Leadership On Set, Confirms Reshoots

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Ikaris from Eternals on left and Angelina Jolie on right

Despite the potentially troubling production of Eternals , which may have in fact benefited by being delayed , it is still looking like one of Marvel Studios' most ambitious movies. Angelina Jolie became one of the most supportive members of the cast, praising Barry Keoghan's "unique" personality .

Lauren Ridloff, who will soon become the first deaf superhero in the MCU, spoke about her time on Eternals ' set during re-shoots and working alongside Angelina Jolie. She even shared a story in which the humanitarian helped Lauren Ridloff on set...


Lauren Ridloff in an interview with Scott Davis of HeyUGuys, in celebration of her nomination as one of the 2020 BAFTA Breakthroughs , answered questions about her time on Eternals playing Makkari, participating in the re-shoots, and working alongside actress Angelina Jolie.

"I just actually finished my second day of shooting for a Marvel movie. We were doing re-shoots actually, we were just finishing the second day of the reshoots and I was like 'It's a really good week, it was great to be back on set working, and it's great to get this news.'"

It is unknown exactly when Ridloff found out she was one of the recipients of BAFTA's Breakthroughs. It was likely during the summer when re-shoots happened for Eternals , joining Salma Hayek and other cast members.

When Ridloff was asked about her reaction to meeting and working with Angelina Jolie, she could only say good things about her, such as how "gentle and strong" she is:

"Well, Angie, I have to say, she is both gentle and strong. I was so grateful and appreciative to have her there with us because I feel like she really is very aware of what our needs might be. She's always thinking about the cast. She would ask questions that a lot of us were wondering and she's the one who stepped forward and asked those questions.

Angie was so much help and so warm. So warm. I mean, we've had wonderful conversations and I will tell you one short story where I was struggling with trying to figure out a cue for a specific scene and I just couldn't see the director giving me the cue. So, it was a little awkward and through conversations with Angie she helped figure out the best way we could make that scene work. And I mean, Angie just has such a big heart because she's willing to share her experiences with us.

I really like her."


It is amazing to see how much of a leadership position Angelina Jolie took amongst the cast for Eternals and taking the initiative in asking questions that concerned anyone or all of them. This leadership experience and caring nature from Angelina Jolie isn't a surprise, considering her decade-long humanitarian work and ambassadorship with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Lauren Ridloff's story about how Angelina Jolie was able to facilitate a proper form of communication between Ridloff and director Chloé Zhao was really touching, especially with Ridloff emphasizing how she "really like[s] [Angelina Jolie]." Considering that Angelina Jolie plays Thena in Eternals , who in the comics acted as one of their greatest warriors, it will be interesting to see this same leadership blend into her role.

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